It seems to me that in the dynamic state with a certain amount of potential the reaction is greater than the original stimulus. The matter of potential and its factors are of more concern than even the law itself, for they are the conditions under which the law acts. If it be true that energy cannot be destroyed we may cease to worry about the energy itself and look to those factors which modify its action.


Food passes undigested. Pain in lumbar region to along spermatic cords. Hard lumps in abdomen. Hands and feet cold and prickle. Painful contraction of limbs. Gnawing hunger and whining. Ill effects of suppressed conditions, especially in gouty subjects. Feels as if she would like to do something cruel. As of creeping chills along convolutions of brain, with pricking. Sharp pains here and there, but especially in ovaries and joints.


Sudden attacks, come in rapid succession. Before attack: Nervous tremor; screams. During attack: Giddy; jaws fixed; bites tongue; trembles; makes facial grimaces; features distorted; foams at mouth; throws limbs about; bends backward; falls; irregular stertorous breathing; very restless; unconscious, partial or complete. After attack: Weak, great lassitude; stupid; lack of sensibility and loss of memory.