BARYTA CARBONICA. A condition which is a product of the tubercular miasm, and technically called tabes mesenterica, is found to appear most frequently in a Bar.c. patient. Its stools are hard, dry and knotty; the haemorrhoids protrude every time the patient urinates or passes stool. The aged patient of this remedy must pass the urine several times during the night.


ALUMINA. Alumina has hoarseness and loss of voice and afterwards comes the sore throat when he cannot swallow; a feeling of contraction and dryness persists there. Sore throat is aggravated in the evening and at night but it is ameliorated in the morning (opposite of mental and head symptoms) and on taking warm food and drink. Has constant thirst, drinks more than eats.


Surgery is altogether a different branch of study and is a matter of experience but not a science. It can be taken help of by a follower of any branch of medicine without the least detriment to the principles of treatment, provided the surgery is had recourse to in accordance with its true sphere. Unfortunately it is taken help of where real treatment should have been followed.