This picture was now compared with the previous one which showed an identical involvement, but her dentist did not believe in focal infection, hence the report of “no trouble” six years before. The process of extraction was a serious one, at first it was only two or three at a sitting. A bad antrum abscess was discovered, after that was drained the pains in her head cleared.


Hysterical, giggling, weeping, cranky, scolding. Tense, fumbles, clumsy. Prostrated during menses, “I could not move even if chased by a bull.” Craves sauerkraut. Perspires freely from emotional strain, axillary sweat offensive. Always cold, loves hot weather, the hotter the better. Empty sensation all over, head, arms and legs feel empty. Psorinum repeated at long intervals over a period of years has kept her in good health.


VERIFICATIONS AND CLINICAL SYMPTOMS OF THE NOSODES. Tuberculinum was repeated without benefit. Sulphur cleared the slate of all symptoms for six months, at the end of which time the tantrums, the screams and all the rest developed in full force. Tuberculinum was again given. From that time the patient made rapid strides towards health and fever five years has remained well.


Least exercise produces profuse perspiration, wakens at night with drenching ice-cold sweats. Body odor “like a dead mouse”. Stool feels “boiling hot” and has a “terrible odor”. Sensation as if heart were swollen. Floating grinning faces before eyes when she closes them at night. Psorinum changed this woman from a helpless invalid to an active housekeeper. All the above symptoms have permanently disappeared.


The compilation which I am making of Pyrogen is too long for reading at this meeting. Before turning it over for publication I am anxious to have the clinical data as complete as possible and I am anxious to have the clinical data as complete as possible and I am asking every member here to give any personal experience with this remarkable remedy.


If may require many hours, often following false clues, to piece together this most fascinating of jigsaw puzzles. But when the perfect whole is found it stimulates the mind to added effort to attain a fuller knowledge of the homoeopathic materia medica, and inspires a greater appreciation of the fundamental truths promulgated by Samuel Hahnemann over a century ago.


Attacks of suffocation especially after midnight; the patient has to sit up or leave his bed and stand stooping forward leaning on his hands; he has to open the windows or get out into open air; palpitation, following by eructations and yawning, and the spasm terminates with or without coughing and expectoration.


The concomitant symptoms were easily controlled, but on their disappearance the attacks of pain increased in frequency and violence. Physical examination revealed adhesive bands, which constricted the vagina and involved the right broad ligament and right ovary which was apparently bound down to the side of the pelvis.


Hence it is that the record of symptoms derived from cases of poisoning are the poorest kind of evidence to record for the homoeopathic materia medica; they are useful only as collateral information, while the finer sensations produced by the slow process of provings with small doses give us sensations, like unto the conditions observed in the sick room, that guide us to the curative remedy.


DR. H.C. Allens Medorrhinum in his Materia Medica of the Nosodes has been followed closely with additional data and verified and clinical symptoms as published from time to time in the Transactions of the International Hahnemannian Association by Drs. Baker, Boger, George H. Clark, Close, Farrington, Hays, J.W. and P.E. Krichbaum, Payne, Pulford, Sloan, Underhill, Waffensmith, Woodebury, Yingling and others.


In the illiterate alone can we forgive the ridiculous confounding of “homoeopathic” and “small”, because to them the very essential distinction between health and disease, between drug and nutriment and finally between the laws and conditions of dead in contradistinction to living nature are wholly unknown, and they are therefore in this respect anything but responsible.


Edwards rash was developing slowly, when suddenly the temperature shot up to 106, with pulse and respiration correspondingly high, the whole chest being filled with rales. He was indeed a very sick child, the rash was under the skin and of a livid color, the cough was infrequent, the chest was filled with mucus, there was no expectoration and he was in a semi- stupor, being roused with difficulty.


There was a paucity of symptoms, the patient never having been ill. She conceived in July, and progressed well under Puls., given for digestive disturbances, until October, when she had a sudden gush of blood, water and clots. She was put to bed, Sabina m. was given. All threatening symptoms subsided within a few days. In the following April a fine baby girl was born.