NATRUM SULPHURICUM. When the hayfever and asthmatic suffers start phoning that they are having an attack and it is a damp, wet, chilly day, or a hot humid day, one begins to investigate the homoeopathic Dr.Dixon first led me to see the benefits of Natrum Sulphuricum in this situation. Kent lists eight-seven remedies in the Repertory under Generalities, Wet weather, aggravation from. Eleven are given in the highest rating.


MEASLES. Serum globulin used twice; both children got much worse on it. Aminopyrine used twice; both children seemed much worse afterward. Low potency homoeopathic remedies used many times and the children seemed to improve at once and continue to an uneventful recovery, even if sometimes complications developed. Homoeopathic treatment of measles is satisfying and safe causing no serious complications.


APIS FOR AN ALLERGY. Trying to interpret an existing symptom picture in the peculiar manner needed for homoeopathic prescribing, is an exacting processing. It demands keenest observation and questioning, followed by a synthesis of the facts thus gleaned, in order to differentiate between several possible remedies.