Keynotes To The Tissue Remedies

Recently, in delivering the Gilchrist Lectures, before the Aberdeen University, Dr. Robert Hutchinson said that “in most cases the doctor is really a mental poultice. He cannot cure. If honest he would have to admit that the number of patients who would have died but for his attendance would be lamentably small.” Of course, he was speaking of allopathic doctors, and implied that the body could be restored to health without drugs.


A dry tongue is not favourable. An excess of poison in the system can produce it. This dryness, too, is sometimes found in persons on the verge of a breakdown and are unable to sleep. In such cased this remedy sensibly believe it the most important contribution Schussler has made to medicine, and hundreds bear testimony to its soothing and curative efficacy.


A day-school teacher had gall stones. The pains became so violent that her doctor suggested an operation. Accordingly, this was undertaken and the gall-bladder removed. She was sent home from the hospital “Cured”. Nothing was told to patient concerning future diet, although her food was probably the cause of her trouble. She was intelligent enough to choose better ailment, but she returned to her unwise provisions.


Anaemics sometimes complain of headache. If the tongue and gums be pallid there is no difficulty in selecting the correct remedies. Although I have treated numerous cases I have never been disappointed with Ferrum phos. alternated with Calc. phos. These two remedies tone up the whole system and prove of infinite value to those whose blood is thin and watery.


To many the possibility of a good complexion seems remote. Bit it is within the reach of all. To-day a patient called whose face was sagged and sallow, yet under treatment it has now the healthy tinge of health. Previously this lady patient deemed herself amongst the plain-faced women who envied their more charming sister. Now. these beauties seriously think she has discovered an elixir that outrivals all their magical preparations.


Moreover, Dr. Carey states that “hundreds of eminent physicians” have given time and experience to make his text-book complete. Their records are most striking. In short, biochemistry is the logical and scientific way of assisting Nature with its own materials to build up a healthy body and in the future the system is bound to secure the acceptance of every unprejudiced investigator.


In a recent American publication the author points out the importance of sleep to those threatened or already suffering from nervous exhaustion. Sleep give rest both mentally and physically. He suggests that the patient should take a foot-bath before retiring for the night and that someone should give him a good percussion with the head over the lower part of the neck and lower part of the spine.


Consumption is curable in its early stages, but delay may be fatal. Some forty years ago a young man, living in the neighbourhood of Wakefield, showed all the signs of consumption. Since he was bleeding from the lungs Ferrum phos. was prescribed and the bleeding was immediately stopped. His strength was recovered and soon he became a picture of health.


Naturally you ask ” does it take long to get rid of anaemia ?” It may take six weeks or nine months. Indeed, no time limit can be definitely stated. If the anaemia be pernicious the allopath does not hesitate to give blood-transfusions. Usually in such extreme cases there has been inexcusable neglect either on the part of the patient or relatives since this condition might never have occurred.


Now, it appears to us that allopaths ought to avail themselves of iris diagnosis in view of so many evidences of its usefulness. But the reason of their negligence is clear. It reveals the fact that the drugging business is not the correct method of treating disease. Drugs and serums ought to be banished. Instead of curing the patient they only suppress the ailment and lay a foundation for the further trouble.


A Northumbrain lady during the Christmas holidays paid a visit to a friend. Here she was entertained in an over-heated room and on returning home had to face an icy-cold blast that chilled her to the bone. Next day she found herself with a severe cold and pains she described as of a stabbing nature. Fortunately she had a working knowledge of biochemistry and alternating Ferrum phos. and Mag. phos. was soon quite well.


Perhaps the worse case of bed legs I have had to deal with was that of an old gentlemen. In his younger days he had been very active and successful in business, but now was retired. On both legs were several indolent ulcers, and since he was a septogenarian with low vitality, the case seemed hopeless. In fact he had himself given up all idea of betterment. Biochemists, however, are optimistic.


That this is almost everybodys trouble is shown by the enormous quantities of pills that are swallowed. Only recently one dispensing company gave in its yearly report a glowing story of its increased sales and local chemists confirm the opinion that pills and other aids to relieve constipation are in constant demand. Furthermore, every practitioner is struck with the number of patients who complain of the necessity of taking purgatives.


THE STUFFY COLD. Many people fear the approach of winter. But cold are a common heritage. A sudden change of atmosphere is often causative. It is often a hard time for the poor and if war prevails the condition make their lot still more distressing.Some of us can recall the picture we often in our younger days-that of an invade with his feet in hot water drinking at the same time some decoction to hasten perspiration which was taken as a sign of deliverance from the threat of a severe cold.


On the other hand, those who have been under much excitement may need a quiet time. This also is possible at the seaside. After a few days fishing or “golfing” the pulse will be steadier, the dizzy confused mind will be subdued and patients will return home at the end of their sojourn in a happier mood and with increased courage to tackle their new plans devised for the future.


To his surprise a few doses rid him of pain and he sent me a letter of fulsome praise for my splendid homoeopathic. Graphites is not a cure all there is no such thing. But if its keynote is observed it will relieve five times out of six. And, when it is insufficient, a closer study of the biochemics will enable the student to be an invaluable help to those whose life has become an intolerable burden.


This means that any disease with that particular Keynote will be relieved if treated as the Prescriber directs. Remedies in parenthesis should be alternated with the chief biochemic. The Tissue Salts are not purgative but gentle tonics. They accomplish their work by restoring healthy conditions without any undesirable reaction such as allopathic drugs usually produce.