SULPHUR. Sometimes Sulphur will rehabilitate bleary-eyed, dirty old drunkards, who have no, or hardly any, appetite; whose livers are going into cirrhosis; who have all good intentions to reform, but who do not seem to be able to resist the awful, gnawing, hollow, burning feeling inside and which is speedily relieved by a strong drink for a time.


ENEMIES OF HOMOEOPATHY. The neglect of Homoeopathy by the trained physician, the dissemination of homoeopathic knowledge amongst lay people to gain support for its cause, its regard as “quackery” by the dominant school, and the comparative ease with which even untrained practitioners can get brilliant results in difficult cases are some of the reasons for so many lay practitioners of Homoeopathy.


A symptom of very great prescribing value is a faint, weak, hollow, hungry feeling, worse at about 11 a.m., which is apt to make the patient press his hand firmly over the epigastrium for relief only while doing so. If something, perhaps only a cup of tea and a biscuit, is not taken then, the patient becomes faint, weak and trembling, perhaps even flatulent and nauseated.

Homoeopathists And Homoeopathy

A Fellowship in the Royal College of Physicians or of the American College is indicative of excellence and high medical attainment anywhere in the civilized world. Is it really impossible to do something similar for Homoeopathy, if we put all our sincerity and will into the effort? Surely such a type of qualification in Homoeopathy should carry due weight and do away with much of the miserable misrepresentation of this finest of therapeutic sciences.


HOMOEOPATHISTS AND HOMOEOPATHY. On all aides the cry is going up that Homoeopathy is going out of existence;that it is squashed by allopathic maneuvers. So it is in many ways, and various factors could probably be cited as contributory causes for its decline. There has never been decadence of Homoeopathy itself, only stagnation, largely due to the complacency of its exponents and practitioners,who mistook the starting point for the winning post!.


LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM. Once sensitized to the action of Lycopodium, look out how you handle it. I spilled some 1M tincture on my hand while preparing a graft, and probably got in some by olfaction or through absorption through the skin, but the whole unpleasant proving started anew, which I was very fortunate enough to terminate by a CM potency of Pulsatilla.


RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. Insidious onset is marked by vague pains in and around the joints often lasting for a long time and gradually spreading until a number of joints are affected. All of these forms usually end in marked deformity of the joints, ankylosis, with chronic impairment of junction, crippling and muscular wasting.