In conclusion I wish to make the suggestion that even a homoeopathic physician could increase his armamentarium and curative facilities if he would be willing to investigate and study the technique and therapeutic value of some of our simpler physical treatments. Most of us do not appreciate what we could do with our hands and the therapeutic value they possess.


GUSTAVUS A. ALMFELT, gave the introduction about the Basic principles of homeopathy and disussed several questions on matter- energy, health – disease and basic rules to practice homeopathy….

Acute Diseases

GUSTAVUS A. ALMFELT, answer the question, Is potentized medicine dependable and effective in the treatment of acute diseases? and What are the advantages of using potentized medicines in the treatment of acute diseases?…

Chronic Diseases

GUSTAVUS A. ALMFELT, described Hahnemann theory of Chronic Diseases and chronic miasm and their treatment. …


In the conclusion of the book Basic principles of homeopathy by GUSTAVUS A. ALMFELT, wrote vaous laws and finer forces in nature on which the homoeopathy based….