ACUTE MASTOIDITIS. There are people who have within their systems a high resistance to disease. You have brought them through many a severe illness and you know just about how much they are going to help you. There are others of low resistance whose tissues give way to inflammation, pus and necrosis following easily.


PREVENTIVE MEDICINE. Today in the larger centers of population ninety percent of young people twenty years of age have or have had tuberculosis, but only from three to five percent of this number do not over- come it while it is in the acute stage. They generally do not have either fever nor cough but usually do have a nasal discharge that does not respond to treatment and the tonsils are in most cases involved.

Therapeutics Of Hay Fever

Many patients who are perfectly comfortable lying still in bed will, on the slightest movement of the legs, begin to sneeze. This is caused by contact with a cooler part of the sheet. Have them wear long stockings during the night, or better still, flannel pajamas with light woolen or cashmere socks pulled over the legs of the pajamas and they will avoid their night or morning sneezing.