The life of Hahnemann is there to encourage us; the masterful will of his dynamic spirit is there to inspire us to intensify our activities; his achievements are there to goad us to realise greater success; and his personality is always before us to take lessons from, in our life which as Swami Vivekananda puts it, is “a process of unfolding and development of a being under circumstances tending to press it down.”


The complete study of the phenomenon is impossible without a corresponding study of the noumenon. Hahnemann wanted to make a scientific study of diseases and drug – actions and therapeutics without attempting or ignoring the scientific study of life and mind. May be, the proper study of mind and life may require techniques and concepts totally different from those applied to the study of matter.

A Critical Aspect Of Hahnemanns Psora Theory

Some are of opinion that there can be nothing more paradoxical than the fact that Hahnemann the promulgator of the medicine of Experience should end in being an enthusiastic sponsorer of a highly speculative theory like the Psora theory. Some note that it is remarkable how extremes meet in Hahnemanns mental organisation. In his homoeopathic law, we have the principle of extreme individualisation, whilst the Psora – theory is an illustration of the opposite extreme of generalisation. But this is not the only instance of swinging of the pendulum to the other extreme by Hahnemann.


Hahnemanns genius and intuition led him to discover this mysterious dynamical plane, the seat of health and disease, the two conditions which baffle all analysis and defy all attempts at naming and classifying. But, any way, a name has got to be given for this original diseased – condition for expressing and communicating our ideas and Hahnemann, according to the usage of his days, picked up the term “Psora” and used it with a special connotation and denotation to which we devoted so much time and so many pages in our journal.

The Metaphysical And Aetiological Considerations Of Disease

Thus the origin of the illness may be in the mind; it may be in the vital; it may be in any one of parts of the being. One and the same illness may be due to a variety of causes, it may spring in different cases from different sources of disharmony. But to whatever an illness may be due, material or mental, external or internal, it must before it can affect the physical body, touch and pass through another layer of the being that surrounds and protects it. This subtle layer is called in different teachings by various names viz., the etheric body, the nervous envelope.

Homoeopathy The Saving Grace For The Suffering Humanity

The common man finds himself forced to choose between a so-called scientific medicine man mumbling unintelligible technical pessimistic man mumbling unintelligible technical pessimistic jargons and an empirical quack, mumbling incredible hopes and promises. This unfortunate situation has been brought about by the medical men themselves while forgetting the fundamental mission in life.