A Study Of Ignatia

Indeed, there is little real difference between the coarser effects of large doses of these two drugs, for both acts strongly upon the cerebro spinal axis, and hence allopaths regard Ignatia as identical in action with Nux Vomica. The superficial use of chemistry in the basis of prescribing for the sick has led the old school to the error, and here its shows the superiority of Homoeopathy over the other science.


The patient now very earnestly implored me to do something for evacuating the uterine content as she greatly dreaded that her old symptoms might relapse. Fully conscious as I am that no local interference in such a condition is permissible in the Hahnemannian school of medicine, I soothed her fears and assured her that now it is my time to get on to her uterine contents.


What legions of lives are sacrificed daily at the after of conceited ignorance of the old school practitioners whose pachydermatous sense of superiority complex would not permit them even to read casually any literature of the Hahnemannian school!.


A curious symptom in the mental sphere is the derangement of time sense. It also occurs in mercuries (to which Lachesis is an antidote), but is more prominent in this remedy, when a patient is always making mistakes as to the time of the day, often confounding the morning hours with the evening ones. Besides all these, mentally, these patients are also seen to be sad, anxious, irritable, peevish, malicious, &c.


The application of Homeopathy involves: first, a physicians knowledge of the symptoms of the patient; and second, a knowledge of Homeopathic Materia Medica, a subject that requires much study and reflection. In domestic practice, medicines are prescribed for a wonderful variety of reasons besides the true one.