Strangely enough the homoeopathic physician is often accused by his allopathic critic in his ignorance of Homoeopathy, of merely treating symptoms, whereas it is the critic himself who practices this superficial medicine. The homoeopathic physician, on the other hand, treats his patient as a whole through his symptoms and their modifications through changes in the environment, which is quite a different matter.


POLIO PREVENTION DIET. Make selection from foods listed below: Take special note of foods to be avoided. Avoid completely: Sugar, potatoes, corn, rice, barley, lentils, hominy, split peas, bananas, tapioca, macaroni, pancakes, noodles, spaghetti, cake, candy, pastries, malted milks, prunes, raisins, canned fruit juices, cereals, bread, rolls, toast, ice cream.