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Scarlet fever

Homeopathic remedies for Scarlet fever symptoms from Acute Conditions, Injuries, etc by Dr.M.Tyler.


Bright-red, hot face. Glossy, scarlet skin:intense heat: “burns the hand.”

Eyes red, injected: pupils later very dilated.

Lips, mouth, throat, red, dry, burning.

Jerking, twitching: possibly wild delirium.

(Apis is better cool, uncovered: Belladonna better warm. Bell has more thirst than Apis.)

“Where Belladonna has been used for prophylaxis, or cure, cases abort, or run a mild course; leave no sequelae; are not infectious.”


Rough rash, or rash does not come out. Throat oedematous, with stinging pain.

Convulsions, when rash fails to appear.

Worse heat: covering: warm room. (Bell needs heat.)


“Malignant scarlet fever.”

Rash plentiful, bluish: or slow to appear: patchy, and livid.

Throat livid, swollen: deep ulcers (tonsils).

Pupils widely dilated. (Belladonna)

Semi-conscious; restless; muttering.

Tongue, dry, parched, cracked.


Sore, foul mouth- throat-tonsils.

Perspiration which aggravates the symptoms.


Acute diseases take on typhoid form.

“Rhus supplants Belladonna if child gets drowsy and restless.”

Tongue red, or (characteristic) red tip.


Malignant (Ail.). Somnolent: red rash: putrid throat; patchy surface.

Blood-poisoning: great dyspnoea.

Face dusky and puffy.


Advanced-malignant-with purple face.

Worse for heat. Bursting, hammering (head).

Throat worse left side: may extend to right.

Nothing must touch throat.

Loquacious delirium: sleeps into aggravation.