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Homeopathic remedies for Malaria symptoms from Acute Conditions, Injuries, etc by Dr.M.Tyler.

NATRUM MUR. Attack begins about 10 am.

Backache, small of back, relieved by hard pressure.

Lies on back, on hard cushion, for relief.


Hates fuss.

Wants to be let alone.

Great remedy for malaria, or for after-effects of malaria and drugging with quinine.

To Prevent.

Take a dose of Natrum mur. three times a day on one day in every four weeks.


“Break-bone fever.” Malaria with severe bone pains.

Muscles, and all bones and joints, and lumbar muscles, painful.

Painful soreness of eyeballs.

Severe headache, worse for moving.

Bilious headache.

Soreness and throbbing at back of head.

There may be retching and vomiting of bile.

Great thirst before the chill, or before vomiting.


Great restlessness.

Great anxiety.

Great prostration.

Anguish and tossing.

Wants to move; to be moved; to get out of bed; to be put in another bed or room.

Thirst for frequent small drinks.


Symptoms indefinite.

Weariness and heaviness.

Shivering and chills. (See “Fevers.”)

Repetition of Dose. Every four hours till better.