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Homeopathic remedies for Influenza symptoms from Acute Conditions, Injuries, etc by Dr.M.Tyler.


Sudden fever, with chills, throbbing pulses.

Restless and anxious. From cold dry winds.


Fever, with headache.

Eyelids heavy. Limbs heavy; aches all over.

Chills up and down back.

Chills and heats chase each other.


Aching in bones, as if broken.

Lumbar aching.

Headache, dare not move for pain.

Chills in back (Gelsemium).


Drowsy and comatose.

Dull-red face. Besotted appearance.

Drops asleep while answering.

‘Flu-pneumonias with this besotted condition.

Or ‘flu, with gastric and bowel troubles.

Tongue may be very foul.

Typhoid and putrid conditions.


White tongue. Thirsty. Irritable.

Wants to lie quite still; to be let alone.

Especially indicated where there is threatening pleurisy, or pleuro-pneumonia.

Bryonia is better for pressure, and worse for movement.

MERCURIUS SOL. Profuse, very offensive sweat.

Very foul mouth. Salivation.

Worse when sweating.

PYROGEN. Severe aching, esp. thighs and lower part back.

“Baptisia-only more so!”

Extreme restlessness. (Rhus Arsenicum)

Chills in back. (Gelsemium)


Extreme mental restlessness and distress; prostration.

Repetition of Dose.

Every four hours till better.