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Homeopathic remedies for Cholera symptoms from Acute Conditions, Injuries, etc by Dr.M.Tyler.


For all early cases. Will generally promptly cure.

Also for later cases, with coldness and collapse.

Dose. Give a couple of drops of the strong tincture on sugar every five to fifteen minutes in bad cases, till reaction.

(The strong tincture is a saturated solution of camphor in rectified spirits of wine.) (A lump of ordinary camphor in a small bottle of whisky or any such spirit will make a “saturated solution.” The spirit dissolves only as much as it can.)

N.B.-Always give camphor on sugar. In water it burns and nauseates. And keep camphor away from medicines.


Where cramps are the feature of the case, especially cramps in abdomen, fingers, calves, toes.

(Copper poisoning and cholera are difficult to distinguish, and workers in copper mines are said never to get cholera.) Dose. A dozen pellets dry on the tongue; repeat every quarter hour in bad cases, or half-hourly to two to four hours in mild cases.

Acts more rapidly if dissolved in half a tumbler of water and given in dessert-spoonful doses.


For the cases with very profuse evacuations, profuse vomiting and purging, and profuse cold sweat. Dose.