Homeopathic therapeutics for Rheumatism symptoms from ABC Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics by G H Clarke….


Acetanilidum, pain, 18.

Aconite, first stage, 28.

Alkaline drinks freely.

Apis mel., urticaria, 44.

Aspirin, pain, swollen joints ten grains four times a day.

Benzoate of soda, strong-smelling urine, 20.

Bryonia, red, swollen joints, 66.

Cactus grand., oppression, palpitation of the heart, 67.

Clear tongue with rhubarb and soda.

Ferrum, weakness, anaemia, 116.

Fixation of joints.

Light cautery with burning alcohol on pledget of cotton.

Local compresses of aconite, chloroform liniment or laudanum.

Milk with alkaline water, strained gruel, raw fruits, potatoes, green vegetables, bread.

Salicylate of sodium often of great service, 26.

Two hot bricks wrapped in cloths wet in vinegar, patient stripped. Quick cold sponge, change bleeding.

Woolen night-gown and sheets.

Rheumatism chronic.

Acetanilidum, pain, 18.

Alkaline baths and fomentations.

Bryonia, joints red and swollen, 66.

Cactus grand., heart involved, 67.

Cautery with burning alcohol on pledget of cotton.

Cimicifuga, thickening of bone, 93.

Citrate of potash of service, 34.

Colchicum, soreness, neuralgic pains, 98.

Diet as for acute rheumatism.

Dulcamara, muscular, 111.

Ferrum, pale, delicate subjects, 116.

Galvanism for pain and stiffness.

Guaiacum, muscular, tonsillitis, 124.

Hot air cabinet.

Iodine, to remove inflammatory products, 141.


Peppermint, locally, 149.

Rhus tox., stiffness, bruised feeling, 178.

Send to warm dry climate.

Sodium salicylate, tonsillitis, 26.

Sulphur, venous congestion, 189.

Syrup of hydriodic acid, ten to thirty drops three or four times a day.

The several hot springs are of prime service.

Turkish baths.

George Hardy Clark
Clark, George H. (George Hardy) 1860-1941 was the author of: Homeopathic Treatment of Asthenopia; Lee and Clark's Cough and expectoration : a repertorial index of their symptoms; The A B C Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics; A system for the care and training of children; The Black Plague and Its Control.