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Homeopathic therapeutics for Dyspepsia symptoms from ABC Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics by G H Clarke.

Argentum nitricum, nervous dyspepsia, gastralgia, 46.

Arsenic, pain, heartburn, poor appetite, 51-52. Bichromate of potash, 172.

Calcium chloride, scrofulous children, gastric catarrh,73-


Capsicum, debility, flatulence, 80-81.

Caffeine, debilitated subjects, 70.

Diet, water freely when stomach is empty, no fluid at meals.

Glycerin, acidity, burning, flatulence, 121.

Hydrastis, lack of muscular tone, chronic gastritis, 132.

Hydrochloric acid dilute, two to ten drops in water.

Ignatia, atonic, weak, empty feeling, 136.

Ipecac, digestion slow, painful, 144.

Juniper, old persons, 145.

Malt extract before meals.

Nux vomica, atonic. Irritability, constipation, 152.

Opium, nausea, pain. Loss of appetite, 159.

Pulsatilla, sour risings, weak digestion, 176.

Quinine, indigestion with general muscular relaxation.