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Homeopathic therapeutics for Conjunctivitis symptoms from ABC Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics by G H Clarke.

Argyrol, in purulent from, 25 percent in water or sterilized cod liver oil.

Argentum nitricum, purulent, protargol more useful, 46.

Arsenic, chronic, acrid discharge, 51.

Belladonna, bright redness, photophobia, 61.

Boric acid, saturated solution, with cocaine two to three grains to the ounce.

Morphine, 160.

Pink eye, Protargol, six per cent. One a day.

Protargol two to twenty per cent.

Pulsatilla, catarrhal, 176.

Rhus tox., much swelling of lids.

Sulphur, Unhealthy subjects, 189.

Zinc, first stage, 196.

Blister behind the car often of service.