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Homeopathic therapeutics for Bronchitis symptoms from ABC Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics by G H Clarke.

Aconite, acute 1/20 drop doses every half-hour, 29.

Alum, bronchorrhoea, 35.

Ammonium, chloride, excellent in 1/6 to 1/4 gr. doses when secretion is thick and abundant, 37.

Antimonium tart., with much mucus, difficult expectoration,


Arsenic, lassitude, burning discharge from nose, 51.

Bichromate of potash, mucus viscid and difficult to expectorate, 171.

Calcarea phos., chronic, 72.

Cimicifuga, 93.

Copaiba, 104.

Cubeba, chronic, 105.

Creosote, chronic, tar pills valuable, 107.

Dionin, 1/30 – 1/1 gr. in glycerin or syrup of wild cherry for distressing cough.

Emetic, teaspoonful wine of ipecac.

Ferrum, debility of mucous surfaces, 116.

Grindelia, with bronchial spasm, 122.

Inhalation of iodine and menthol in hot water.

Iodide of potash, capillary and chronic forms, 141.

Ipecac, dyspnoea and constriction, 144.

Phosphorus, hoarseness, weakness, weight on chest, 163.

Pulsatilla, delicate persons, 176.

Sanguinaria, flushed cheeks, pain in chest. 178-180.

Squill, tough stringy mucus, 183.

Stannum, sensation of great weakness, 186.

Strychnia, feeble heart action, 152.

Turpentine, purpose expectoration, 155.