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Homeopathic therapeutics for Brain symptoms from ABC Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics by G H Clarke.

Aconite, acute congestion 1/20 drop doses, 28.

Argentum nitricum, weakness of the memory, 45.

Arnica, mania and melancholia, 48.

Arsenic, degenerative changes in vessels, 50.

Belladonna, violent congestion, carotids throb, 60-61.

Bromide of potash, following nervous excitement, 173.

Camphor, exhaustion, stupor, delirium, 7.

Cannabis Ind., hallucinations, 78.

Chloral hydrate, insanity, emotional excitement, etc., 173.

Cimicifuga, puerperal mania, 93-94.

Conium, to restrain muscular activity, 101.

Ergot, mania a potu, 114.

Hyoscyamus, violent and intermittent mania, 34.

Physostigma, in general paralysis, 165.

Phosphorus, exhaustion, fatty degeneration, 161-162-163.

Strychnia, nervous exhaustion, 153.

Opium, weakness, melancholia, 158.