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Homeopathic therapeutics for Bladder symptoms from ABC Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics by G H Clarke.

Aconite, inflammation of, 29.

Aloes, irritable, insecure sphincter, 32.

Arnica mont., after long retention of urine, 48.

Belladonna, spasmodic action, 61.

Benzoate of ammonia, strong smelling urine, 19.

Berberis vulg., pain, soreness, high colored urine, 63.

Bromide of potash, irritability, 174.

Cannabis Ind., paralysis of, 7.

Cantharis, painful, frequent, catarrhal, 79-80.

Cleaning and tonic wash, 1 gr. Argentum nit. to twelve ounces water. Also Mercurol or Boric acid.

Copaiba, catarrh, irritability, 104.

Cubeba, catarrh, irritability, 105.

Ergot, incontinence from paresis, 113.

Ferrum, weakness of the sphincter, 116.

Lycopodium. spasm of, from lithates, 146.

Nux vomica, paresis, 151.

Opium, spasmodic pain, irritability, of great service, 158- 159.

Stramonium, spasms of the neck of the bladder, 187.

Urotropine, cleanses of microorganisms. Eight to twelve grains t.i.d.