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Homeopathic therapeutics for Typhoid symptoms from ABC Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics by G H Clarke.

Adrenalin, haemorrhage, fifteen to twenty drops at half-hour intervals.

Argentum nit., prolonged cases, 46.

Arnica mont., dysentery, nausea, soreness, 47-48.

Baptisia, 58.

Bismuth subnitrate, ulceration and excessive diarrhoea, 64.

Calomel, foul-smelling diarrhoea, 131.

Cocoa-nut oil freely rubbed into feet and limbs.

Gelatine, haemorrhage, one-half ounce, uncooked.

Gruel, strained, should be principal nourishment. Diluted milk with caution. Egg albumen in orange juice, strain through cloth. High normal salt enemata two or four times a day for cleansing, temperature, and moisture to system.

Hot packs on abdomen for distention, high fever and cold feet.

Hyoscyamus, 134.

Opium, sleeplessness, exhaustion, weak, pulse, 158.

Phosphorus, pneumonic complications, 162.

Rhus tox., restlessness, foul expectoration, 178.

Soap and water bath daily, alcohol bath when required.

Turpentine, haemorrhages, distention, torpor, cyanotic extremities, 155.