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Homeopathic therapeutics for Throat symptoms from ABC Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics by G H Clarke.

(Also see Diphtheria).

Aconite, acute Fresh cold, 28.

Ammonium chloride, chronic. Thick secretion, 37.

Antimonium tart., catarrhal, 43.

Arsenic, malignant, 51.

Antistreptococcic serum, twenty c.c., or ten c.c.t.i.d., septic inflammation of the throat.

Aspirin, congestion, pain, five or seven grain doses every three or four hours.

Belladonna, red, painful, vascular excitement, 61.

Guaiacum, gouty, 124.

Hyposulphite of soda, strong solution, to clear exudate.

Iodine, internally, and locally in tonsillitis and for sores in throat.

Mercury, infiltrated, 129.

Opium, hacking cough, 159.

Sanguinaria, catarrhal, 179.

Salicylate of sodium, rheumatic, 26.

Sulphur, granular, 190.

Veratrum vir., congestive stage, 195.