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Homeopathic therapeutics for Pneumonia symptoms from ABC Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics by G H Clarke.

Aconite, of first importance in early stage.

USe 1/20 m. doses of the German tincture, 28.

Antimonium tart., exudate in tubes, 42.

Ammonium chloride, secretion thick and abundant, 37.

Antiphlogistine, a good local application.

Bryonia, with pleuritic involvement, dry tongue, 66.

Caffeine, an emergency remedy only, 69.

Chelidonium, catarrhal, 84.

Cinchona, asthenic cases only, 91.

Digitalis, an emergency remedy only, 110.

Iodine, catarrhal and fibrinous, 141.

Opium, pain, nervousness, 158.

Phosphorous, second stage, of great value, 162.

Rhus tox. typhoid state, 178.

Saline infusions.

Strychnia, an emergency remedy only. Generally used too freely, 152.

Sulphur, to promote resolution, 189.

Turpentine, cyanotic state, 155.

Veratrum vir., 1/2 to 2 drop doses every half hour is recommended in first stage, 144.