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Incontinence of urine

Homeopathic therapeutics for Incontinence of urine symptoms from ABC Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics by G H Clarke.

Arsenic, anaemia, muscular weakness, 54.

Benzoic acid, strong-smelling urine. 19.

Belladonna, for children, increasing to ten or more drops per dose, 61.

Bromide of potash, 174.

Cantharis, old people, 79-80.

Ergot, paralytic state of sphincter, 113.

Ferrum, weak, anaemic subjects, 116.

Milk, water and soups must be stopped.

Nux vomica, paresis of muscles of the bladder, 151.

Rhus tox, with rheumatic stiffness of the legs, 178.

Santonin, frequent urination, 181. Urotropine, steadily in tabes dorsalis.