Remedies Predominantly Aggravated by Heat

List of remedies predominantly aggravated by Heat….


Aesc-h. All-c. Aloe Ambra. APIS. ARG-NIT. Asafoetida Aur-iod. Aur-m. Bar-iod. Bryonia Caladium Calc-iod. Calc-sul. Cocc-cacti. Comoc. Crocus. Drosera Fer-iod. FLUOR-AC. Gratiola Hamamelis IOD. KALI-IOD. KALI- SUL. Lachesis Ledum Lit-t. Lycopodium NAT-MUR., NAT-SUL., Niccol. Opium Picric-ac. PLAT. Ptelia. PULS. SABINA. SECALE. Spongia Sul. Sul- iod. Thuja Tuberc. (Rabe), Ustil. Vespa. Viburn.

Robert Gibson-Miller
He was born in 1862, and was educated at Blair Lodge and the University of Glasgow, where he graduated in medicine in 1884. Early in his career he was attracted to the study of Homoeopathy, and with the object of testing the claims made for this system of medicine he undertook a visit to America. As a result of his investigations there Dr. Miller was convinced of the soundness of the homoeopathic theory. Dr. Miller did not write much, but we owe him also his Synopsis of Homoeopathic Philosophy and his small book, always at hand for reference, on Relation ship of Remedies.