Classification of Disease

Classification of non surgical disease Gibson Miller…


Feeling the necessity of having in a concise and accessible form the various sub-laws and rules of homoeopathy, I recently prepared for my own use the following arrangement of them. Dr. Kent very kindly revised the manuscript and made a number of valuable additions, and also suggested that it might be of service of others if published in the Journal.


All non-surgical diseases belong to one of the following classes: (A) Acute; (B) Chronic; (C) Those due to the use of drugs, living under unhealthy conditions, etc.

Robert Gibson-Miller
He was born in 1862, and was educated at Blair Lodge and the University of Glasgow, where he graduated in medicine in 1884. Early in his career he was attracted to the study of Homoeopathy, and with the object of testing the claims made for this system of medicine he undertook a visit to America. As a result of his investigations there Dr. Miller was convinced of the soundness of the homoeopathic theory. Dr. Miller did not write much, but we owe him also his Synopsis of Homoeopathic Philosophy and his small book, always at hand for reference, on Relation ship of Remedies.