COMOCLADIA – Homeopathic Medicine

COMOCLADIA homeopathic drug picture symptoms from A Primer of Materia Medica by T.F. Allen, of the homeopathy remedy COMOCLADIA…

General Action

      The symptoms of this drug are very similar to those of Rhus tox., with which it is closely allied botanically.


      A scarlet redness of the whole body, like scarlet fever. Swelling of the whole body. Pains throughout the body, especially in the left side, (>) moving in the open air.


      Violent pain in the right eyeball, with a feeling as if it were too large and protruded, aggravated near a stove. Eyeballs feel heavy and large, painful, pressing out of head as from a pressure on top of eyeballs, moving them downward and outward. Soreness of the eyeballs, especially in the right eye, (<) moving it and in the evening, by candle light.


      Face swollen, with protruding eyes; vision of the left eye becomes lost.


      Burning and itching of the whole body. Swelling, like erysipelas, with inflammation and development of blisters. Inflammation of the left leg and foot, with swelling.

TF Allen
Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)

Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.