CANTHARIS – Homeopathic Medicine

CANTHARIS homeopathic drug picture symptoms from A Primer of Materia Medica by T.F. Allen, of the homeopathy remedy CANTHARIS…

General Action

      Spanish flies applied to the skin produce blisters (vesication, with inflammation and even sloughing.) It produces (taken internally) the most violent inflammation of the whole gastro- intestinal canal, especially of the lower bowel. It is eliminated by the kidneys, and causes acute inflammation of that organ, and of the entire urinary tract. In some cases it produces sexual excitement. Delirium and convulsions occasionally result from large doses.


      Emaciation. Convulsions like epilepsy. Convulsions, with howling, like a dog, ending in stupor. General burning pains, associated with soreness of all parts of the body. Tearing pains in the limbs, (>) rubbing. A feeling of dryness in the joints. Extreme weakness and faintness. Extreme sensitiveness of all parts. General aggravation on the right side, (<) coughing,(>) lying down, (>) warmth.


      Anxiety and restlessness. Furious delirium. Insolent, contradictory mood.

Clinical. Acute mania, generally of a sexual type; amorous frenzy, fiery desire for sexual intercourse, with persistent, painful erections, paroxysms of rage, crying and barking, even convulsions. Acute mania after erysipelas. (Mania in a woman, with occasional spasms, attempts to bite, with strangury, which seemed to have resulted from applying turpentine to the feet, immediately ameliorated by Canthar.) Delirium, with dread.


      General feeling of burning, deep-seated in the brain. with soreness. Tearing pains in the head. Headache seeming to come from the nape of the neck, extending to the forehead.


      Inflammation, with soreness and burning. Involuntary spasmodic motions of the eyes. All objects seem yellow. Eyes look yellow.


      Swelling, with redness and soreness and burning of the nose. Sneezing.


      Burning redness and swelling of the face. Face becomes deathly pale during and after the pains. Jaws become tightly closed, like trismus.


      Gums spongy and swollen; suppurated. (Dental fistula.) Mucous membrane of the mouth inflamed, with burning, or covered with blisters, (<) taking water. Foul, frothy saliva, streaked with blood. Tongue swollen, thickly furred, red at the edges; covered with blisters. General burning, extending into the throat and stomach.


      Internally swollen, inflamed, covered with plastic lymph, or with ulcers. A feeling of constriction, with difficult swallowing.


      Aversion to, and dread of food. Thirst, with dread of drinking. Burning pains in the stomach. Heartburn, (<) drinking. Eructations like a hiccough, which seem to go downward again towards the stomach. Inflammation, with violent, burning pain. Anxiety and uneasiness in the stomach, with great sensitiveness.


      Distended and tympanitic. Tenderness. Cutting pains towards evening during a stool; after the stool shivering. Burning along the whole alimentary canal. Incarceration of flatus under the short ribs. Burning pains here and there, especially in the upper part of the abdomen. Pains in the hypochondria, as from incarceration of flatus.

Rectum and Stool

      Tenesmus. Evacuation of pure blood from bowels and from bladder. After the stool, burning. Loose stools, with burning in the anus. Stools of blood and mucus. Stools red and slimy. Mucus with the stools like scrapings from intestines, with streaks of blood.

Clinical. Diarrhoea like scrapings of intestines; reddish, mucous or bloody, flaky; during stool extreme burning at anus, dysenteric, bloody stools, with intolerable burning tenesmus, with chill as if water were poured over one (Caps.). Acute dysentery, with unquenchable thirst; even the lips, mouth and throat feel raw and burning, with canker, tendency to collapse, cold hands and feet.

Urinary Organs

      Pains in the region of both kidneys, with tenesmus of the bladder. Paroxysmal burning pains in the kidneys; the region becomes sensitive to the slightest touch; evacuation of bloody urine. Cutting pain in the urethra from the kidneys towards the penis. Acute inflammation of the kidneys, with tenesmus of the bladder; bloody urine. Pain in the bladder, with frequent and intolerable tenesmus. Intense burning in the bladder, (<) before urinating. Burning, cutting pain in the neck of the bladder, extending for ward. Extreme tenesmus, with constant urging and burning. Intense burning in the urethra, (<) motion, (>) lying on the back. Constant urging to urinate; micturition painful, in drops; urging, and always but one spoonful; also in morning, with passage of a few drops, causing smarting and burning along urethra, especially near fossa navicularis; finally, after long straining, a few drops of bloody and albuminous urine; a convulsive tremor of all limbs, cold sweat on forehead and chest, sinking back in bed half-exhausted; no rest on account of immediate return of these sufferings. Ineffectual urging, then several drops, with bloody streaks and pain. Urethra inflamed, with burning, cutting, smarting, pains before, during and after micturition. The urine scalds as it is passed drop by drop. Urine bloody, turbid, albuminous, depositing a white, mealy sediment.

Clinical. Most violent cystitis, with intense tenesmus; constant desire to urinate; the urine is bloody, scanty, etc. The cystitis calling for Cantharis is of a most highly inflammatory character; it may be associated with general fever, chill, always with most terrible distress in the neck of the bladder. Acute nephritis, with extreme distress in the bladder, urine scanty, bloody, albuminous, etc. (Compare Terebintha) In renal calculi, with the acute bladder symptoms of the drug, haematuria, etc. Gravel in children, constant pulling at the penis. In gonorrhoea, with most intense suffering, sexual excitement, chordee, with constant distress in bladder, discharge of blood.

Sexual Organs, Male

      Inflammation of the sexual organs, increasing even to gangrene of the penis. Swelling and pain even to external pressure. Priapism. Severe, painful erections at night, with contraction and sore pain in the whole of urethra. Erections persistent, without any voluptuous sensation. Violent sexual desire, with incessant painful erections.

Sexual Organs, Female

      Inflammation and swelling of the external genitals, with irritation. Menstruation too early and too profuse, of black blood.

Clinical. Constant discharge from uterus, aggravated by false step, with discharge from bladder. Inflammation of the ovaries, with burning pain, especially worse during menstruation, ovaries extremely sensitive. Puerperal metritis, especially mania of a sexual character, with inflamed bladder, etc. Pruritus of vagina. Menstruation too early and dark, with great soreness of breasts, etc.

Respiratory Organs

      A feeling of great weakness of all the vocal organs. Breathing oppressed on account of constriction of the larynx. Larynx inflamed, with internal heat and burning.


      Sticking pains in the sides of the chest, from side of side, and from before backward. Burning pains in the chest.

Heart and Pulse

      Pulse hard, generally small, rapid, sometimes intermittent; rarely hard and full, as in inflammation.

Neck and Back

      Tearing pains in the back. Spasmodic pains in the muscles on bending forward and backward. Violent, burning pains in the region of the kidneys, with sensitiveness to the slightest touch, with urinary symptoms. Pains in the lumbar region, with urinary symptoms, or with dysenteric symptoms. Stitching, tearing pains in the coccyx.


      Tearing pains through the limbs.


      Vesicular eruptions; itching and burning when touched. Inflammation like erysipelas.


      Great sleepiness in the afternoon and sleeplessness at night.


      Cold stage predominates; thirst after the chill. Sweat of an urinous odor.

TF Allen
Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)

Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.