Calcarea Fluorica

Detail description of the tissue salt Calcarea Fluorica biochemic remedy by E.P. Anshutz in his book A Guide to Twelve Tissue Remedies of Biochemistry, published in 1909….

Calcium Fluoride, Fluorspar, Fluoride of Lime.

This substance is found in the surface of the bones, enamel of the teeth, elastic fibers and the skin. A disturbance, or deficiency in the molecules of this element is shown by lumpy, more or less hard, growths, horny growths, hard crusts with cracked hands, hardened mammary glands, or other parts. Osseous (bone) tumors from injuries, glandular swelling, cataract of the eye, gum boils, displacement or relaxed uterus, sagging abdomen, hardened exudations, haemorrhoidal knots, varicose veins, and all diseases originating in the elastic fibre and bone covering, which is practically the same thing.

This remedy has proved curative in hard swelling on the bones, varicosis, varicose veins, whitlow, induration of testicles, suppuration, psoriasis, prolapsus uteri, internal piles, ozaena, eczema, knots, gout, defects in enamel, backache, corneal diseases, cataract of the eye, after-pains, bone bruises, catamenia, cough, etc., where the above general conditions prevail.

E.P. Anshutz
Edward Pollock Anshutz – 1846-1918. Editor - Homeopathic Recorder and author of New Old and Forgotten Remedies. Held an Hon. Doctor of Medicine from Hering Medical College.