Homeopathic remedies for the symptoms of Cataract from A Dictionary of Domestic Medicine by John H.Clarke….

A disease of the anterior lens of the eye or its capsule, resulting in opacity and blindness. It is easily recognized by the greyish-white appearance of the pupil. When the disease has advanced to a certain stage, the only remedy is removal of the lens. In the earlier stages it is amenable to the action of medicines, among which Silica, Sulphur, Calcarea are the most useful.

John Henry Clarke
John Henry Clarke MD (1853 – November 24, 1931 was a prominent English classical homeopath. Dr. Clarke was a busy practitioner. As a physician he not only had his own clinic in Piccadilly, London, but he also was a consultant at the London Homeopathic Hospital and researched into new remedies — nosodes. For many years, he was the editor of The Homeopathic World. He wrote many books, his best known were Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica and Repertory of Materia Medica