Homeopathic remedies for the symptoms of Breast from A Dictionary of Domestic Medicine by John H.Clarke….

Ignorant nurses often cause irreparable damage to the breasts of female children by what they call “breaking the nipple strings,” which is really, destroying the natural ducts which are destined to carry the milk from the breasts gland to the nipple.

This is a fruitful source of breast abscesses in later life. The pressure of stays also produces ill effects.

If proper attention is paid to the breast for sometime before confinement much subsequent trouble may be prevented. The development of the breast during pregnancy is frequently accompanied by much pain and soreness. The nipples are apt to become excoriated, cracked, and scaly.

Care of the Breasts.-For several weeks before delivery the entire breast and chest should be bathed with cold water, and afterwards well dried and rubbed with warm towels. If there is tenderness or excoriation bathe twice a day with spirit (brandy or whisky) and water.

Medicines.-(Every two hours.)

Aconite 3.-

Inflammation of nipples, aching or sharp pains shooting into the breast.

Mercurius 6.-

Swelling and burning of nipples.

Hepar 6.-

Cracks of the nipples.

Bryon. 3.-

Hardness of the breasts.

Sulph. 6.-

Itching and eruptions.


-The child should be put to the breast soon after delivery, even if there is no milk. The secretion will be hastened by it, and the liability to breast troubles will be diminished. Sec also INFANTS, WEANING, and MILK.

John Henry Clarke
John Henry Clarke MD (1853 – November 24, 1931 was a prominent English classical homeopath. Dr. Clarke was a busy practitioner. As a physician he not only had his own clinic in Piccadilly, London, but he also was a consultant at the London Homeopathic Hospital and researched into new remedies — nosodes. For many years, he was the editor of The Homeopathic World. He wrote many books, his best known were Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica and Repertory of Materia Medica