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Chininum arsenicosum

Proving Symptoms of homeopathy medicine Chininum Arsenicosum, described by Richard Hughes in his book, A Cyclopedia of Drug Pathogenesis, published in 1895.


Dr. MUHR triturated for 1 hours 10 gr. China ars. with 90 gr. milk and sugar. While triturating he carried on a conversation with a patient. Suddenly had a bitter metallic taste, but continued to triturate and made 2nd trit. E., very painful cutting in bowels, lasting 1/2 h. Sleep broken. Next m., 8 o’clock, the heart commenced to tremble, with a tumbling noise, and he could not distinguish the heart’s beats. This lasted one hour, then the heart’s and pulse’s beats (the latter could not be felt on left side) became irregular, and 200 per m. In solar plexus pressure (like that caused by indigestible food) felt towards the back as a squeezing; touching the spine there caused pressive pain. Painful weariness of shoulder-and elbow-joints. Weakness of lower extremities. Slight pressive pain in forehead and temples. Noon, heart’s beats more regular. Pulse could be felt in temples and right radial artery, still 200. Pressure behind stomach, not removed by eating. Heart’s beating felt when leaning the back against something. After 1 p. m. did not feel heart’s beats, but felt a stoppage of the heart and very slight, rapid beating of temporal arteries. Pain in solar plexus gone; less weakness; breathing quite easy, as if thorax were hollow. After 2 p. m. recurrence of squeezing pain to spine. Palpitation again felt on leaning back; pulse 200, regular. took Veratrum 2. After 4 p. m. pulse 88, head still confused. In left ear sensation and noise like that made by grasshoppers. Later all symptoms went off except sleepiness. (A.h. Ztg., Ixxxviii, 39.).