Calcarea carbonica

Proving Symptoms of homeopathy medicine Calcarea Carbonica, described by Richard Hughes in his book, A Cyclopedia of Drug Pathogenesis, published in 1895….


Carbonate of lime, Ca Co3,.


1. HAHNEMANN, Chronic Diseases, Part 2 of original, vol. of translation. Contains 1361 symptoms from self and others; obtained from soft white substance found between external and internal hard layers of oyster-shell (C. ostrearum, Hg.).

2. A young man took 5 gr. of 1x trit. of same n. and m., for 4 d. In 3 d. after he had finished med., violent irritation about chest, neck, back, shoulders, and calves; over chest and neck a reddish rash was fully developed; great constipation, so that he had to take castor oil. [On another occasion, a similar pruritus and eruption followed 30th dil., and here also there was extreme constipation.] (ROBINSON, Brit. Journ. of Hom., xxv, 322.)

3. A young woman took 3 gr. of 3x trit. 3 times a day for 7 d. After this shooting pains in both sides of head, with nausea, unable to bring up anything; same pains under left shoulder; unaccountably feverish, first hot and then cold. [Prover 2 had, after 30th, a feverish attack, with shooting pains through limbs, and swollen finger-joints.] (Ibid.)

4. KOCH proved preparation made by adding pure powdered chalk to dilute hydrochloric acid till effervescence ceases and the solution is neutral. To this solution carb. soda is added, and the precipitate well washed and dried. This is triturated with equal parts of milk sugar until the powder, when rubbed in the pastel with the fingers, feels as though it were moist. 20 parts of the powder to 100 parts alcohol make the undiluted tincture.

4 a. A -, aet. 31, a man of rather corpulent build and short stature, subject to haemorrhoids which cause smarting and itching and mucous discharge. Stool generally every 2 d., with shooting pains as though a pointed body were passing. Is very sensitive to chills, which cause colic followed by profuse watery diarrhoea. He smokes and snuffs, drinks coffee and beer. – June 8th. 2 1/2 h. after early dinner took 3 dr. of tinct. on sugar. After 45 m. tight feeling and shooting pain in region of right 5th and 6th ribs; slight formication like ants crawling up left temple; tickling in throat as if a small object lay there causing cough; lascivious dreams at night, slight and incomplete emission of semen; peculiar jerking and drawing awry of the extremities at n., waking him. – 9th. Pricking in left eye as if a foreign body were in it; burning of eyes and lachrymation; fine tickling pricks through urethra; after dinner great pulsation of the vessels, especially in chest; pulse quick; lasciviousness at night. – 10th. On waking m., eyes partially agglutinated, great watering of right eye with burning; all d. dislocative pain in left hip-joint. 11th. Great feeling of weariness in feet, especially ankle-joints, lasting 3h. -12th. Slight shooting tearing pains in arms. – 13th. Shooting tearing pain in tibia, calf and wrists; urine after standing a short while gets cloudy and deposits a whitish loose sediment, a fatty skin on its surface; the urine smells greasy. – 14th. Weary pain in knees; dull drawing shooting pain in patella; watering of right eye. On back of hand there appear groups of small vesicles filled with clear fluid, without areola, which itch violently; if left alone their apices become dark, gradually dry, and the epidermis scales off. If they are scratched they increase and look like nettlerash. Cold diminishes the itching. (He is liable to this eruption in summer.) Shooting in various parts of chest with tightness; shooting pain in left finger-joints. – 15th. On exertion shooting pains in joints. 16th, 6 p.m., 6 dr. In forenoon shooting in back; cramps in feet, especially when standing; sensation in throat as if something rose up in it and stuck there (also e.); fine needle-like pricks above left inguinal region, as though in peritoneum; pulsation in pelvis in course of rectum; warm feeling in stomach; flying shoots in both knees; violent shooting pain in left metacarpus; violent shooting wandering pains in all joints; pressure in stomach; stitches in region of l. 5th and 6th ribs; great weariness of feet; penetrating shooting pain in last phalanx of right middle finger; tension in both calves; shooting pain in coccyx; loss of appetite; eructation of wind; nose dry all d. – 17th. Eyes partially agglutinated, m. Forenoon, burning in stomach as from an acrid fluid; black specks hover before left eye; slight shooting pains in joints. Afternoon, shooting pain in right elbow-joint; penetrating shooting pain in 1st phalanx of right forefinger; shooting pain when walking in left side of sacrum; shooting wandering pains in several places, joints, muscular parts. – 18th. Violent shooting in abdomen; shooting pain in left side of sacrum; when walking; burning, sharp pain in stomach. Noon, shooting pain in knee when driving. Next 4 d. no symptoms. – 22nd 8:30 a.m., 1 dr. The dose repeated every h. Immediately pressive pain in parietal region. apparently in bone; tensive pressure above nasal bones as though they would swell; trembling of body; sunlight hurts eyes and causes headache; slight pain and rumbling in small intestines, with sacral pains, and forcing towards rectum as though stool were coming; eructation of air; shooting pains in right eye as though a foreign body were between lid and ball; feeling as if something were moving in the right eye; spasmodic trembling of lower lid; tensive pressure in occipital bone; rheumatic pain in left foot; shooting pain in left shoulder-joint and left ear; eructation of an acrid bitter fluid; 1. lower lid spasmodically twitched towards inner canthus. – 2nd dose. Spasm in eyelid; tearing in 1st left upper molar pain in sacrum; fine shooting pain all round chest, about 4th and 5th ribs. – 3rd dose. Shooting pain in right shoulder-joint and dull shooting in left hip-joint, both increased by movement; after dinner shooting in right shoulder; shooting in right humerus followed by trembling of arm with twitching of some of its muscles; inflamed state of muscles of upper arm; watering of right eye. (The eruption mentioned above extends.) – 4th dose, 2 p.m.,. Aching and tightness in scrob. cordis; pressive drawing tearing pain between scapulae. – 5th dose, 3 p.m., Shooting pain in 1st joint of left index; shooting-throbbing pain in right frontal protuberance; shooting pain in nape; pain in middle of forehead. After supper difficulty of swallowing as if tongue behind were swollen; pains in nape with stiffness; penetrating shoots in left metacarpus; stitches through chest, under sternum, from before backwards; burning shooting pain in back between scapulae; shooting pain in left temple up the deep temporal nerve; n. restless, dreamful, imperfect erections. 23rd. On waking trembling of body and spasmodic jerkings of some muscular parts in thigh and arm; shooting in regions of l. 7th and 8th ribs; sacral pains; such great weakness of legs as if they could not bear the body and the knees would knuckle under him; trembling of body; shooting in left wrist; stitches up left temple; at n. several erections; running diagonally across under surface of penis a long-shaped, excoriated-looking sore, which burns violently, with much sweat on scrotum and perinaeum. – 24th. Violent shoots in left wrist; after a warm bath great weakness in knees and ankles; tearing shoots in several joints. – 25th. Pains in joints not so severe; eruption in hand extending. – 26th, 27th, and 28th. No more symptoms. (Hygea, v, 318.)

5 a. Mrs M -, aet, 26, 1 child 3/4 year old; nervous and excitable, disposed to toothache in changeable weather. May 26th, 5:30 a.m., took 4 dr. of tinct. 6:30 p.m., nausea, as though she would vomit, for 2 h.; flow of tasteless water in mouth. – 27th. Violent dislocative pain on moving left arm; slight nausea. – 28th. All d. nausea. 4 p.m., pains in lumbar regions and ossa ilii as if menses were coming on. – 29th. same symptoms, but slighter. From 30th no symptoms. – June 15th. Took m. 3 dr. 7 p.m., very painful pressure in forehead down nose; bruised feeling and weariness in all limbs; nausea till she went to bed. – 16th. Such weariness she could not walk; nausea. – 17th. No symptoms. – 18th. Took 4 drops in m. 7 p.m., great weakness and weariness in extremities, especially lower, lasting till she went to bed. – 19th. No symptoms. – 20th, m., 6 dr. From 2 p.m., till e. extraordinary soreness in all limbs; 7 p.m., nausea – 21st. Heaviness – 22nd. No symptoms.

5 b. July 11th, m., took 2 dr. of 1st dil. At 11 a.m., nausea lasting till afternoon; violent pressive headache in forehead; weariness; in e. stitches in chest on breathing. – 12th. Symptoms milder; next day gone.

5 c. July 22nd, m., took 6 dr. of 2nd dil. At 7 p.m., some right supra orbital stitches. – 23rd. No symptoms.

5 d. July 24th, 10 a.m., 3 dr. of 3rd. At noon, pressive frontal headache. Next d. same, but slighter. After that nothing more. (Ibid.)

6 a. E. B -, servant girl, aet, 17, strong, suffers from periodical sick headache. For 6 months has had every a cramp pain in left upper arm. First menstruation 3 months ago, since then only once more. May 26th, 5:30 a.m., 3 dr. of tinct. No symptoms. – June 15th, m., 10 dr. No symptoms. 18th, m., 20 dr. 4 p.m., feeling in throat as if a worm were gnawing there, lasted till she went to bed. 7 p.m., great weariness in legs, felt as though they would give way, till she went to bed. – 19th, No symptoms. – 20th, m., 25dr. No symptoms.

6 b. July 11th, m., 6 dr. of 1st dil. No symptoms. – 14th, m., 12dr. 10 a.m., head felt as if intoxicated, went off after dinner. No more symptoms. – 17th, 2 p.m., 20 dr. No symptoms. – 18th, 11 a.m. 4 stitches on left side of forehead; all d. constant chilliness. – 19th, m., stitches behind left ear, sore- throat on swallowing.

6 c. Later, took 3 and 20 drops of 2nd dil; without effect, save some stitches in left scapula. (Ibid.)

7 a. HILLER, schoolmaster, aet, 40, always healthy, snuffs and smokes and drinks beer. June 15th, 5:30 a.m., 3 dr. of tinct. Forenoon, shooting in scrob. cordis when breathing; tearing between scapulae and in nape; pressure in stomach; confused head; tearing in left forearm, in 1st joint of left thumb, in right thigh, in sacrum, in right forearm. in left malar bone, in 1st joint of left little finger, in 1st joint of left ring finger, in left frontal protuberance, in right foot, in 1st joint of left index, in right knee, in right calf. afternoon, tearing in right calf, in sacrum, in right thing. 16th. Forenoon, tension in both side of ribs over scrob. cordis; tearing in sacrum, in left wrist, between scapulae, in left hand, in lower jaw, in nape, in both thighs, under right arm; bitter taste. Afternoon, tearing in 1st joint of left little finger, in sacrum, between scapulae, in right upper arm. – 17th. Forenoon, tearing in left metacarpus. – 18th, 6 a.m., 2 dr. Forenoon, tearing in left hand, left thigh, l. calf, l. forearm left lower jaw, between scapulae, in right upper arm, in 2nd joint of left index; itching in right thigh. Afternoon, tearing between scapulae, in left thigh. – 19th. Forenoon tearing in 2nd joint of left little finger, sacrum, between scapulae, in left wrist. Afternoon, sacral pains, tearing in 1st joint of right little finger in right knee, between scapulae. – 20th. Forenoon, tearing in left knee, in right knee, in right upper arm. Afternoon, tearing in right elbow-joint, in right knee-joint, in coccyx, in left thigh, l. and right shoulder. – 21st, 5:30 a.m., 6 dr. Immediately pain in stomach. Forenoon, tearing in sacrum, l. shoulder – joint, l. calf, l. upper arm, l. big toe, 2nd joint of l, thumb, right hand, under right arm, in left hand. Afternoon tearing in front of left foot in left hand, in 2nd joint of left index, in right tibia, right knee, l. hand, under right arm, betwixt scapulae. – 22nd. Forenoon, tearing in l. knee, l. hand, l. tibia, l. thigh, r. wrist. Afternoon, tearing in r. ankle, in l. arm. – 23rd. Forenoon, tearing in l. calf, both wrists, 2nd joint of l. ring finger, sacrum, betwixt scapulae. Afternoon, tearing in sacrum, l. thumb, l. foot, betwixt scapulae. – 24th. Forenoon, tearing in l. thigh, l. calf, l. foot anteriorly. Afternoon, tearing in first joint of l. thumb. During the proving there appeared haemorrhoidal lumps the size of nuts, with violent itching in anus and constipation often for 2 or 3 d. Violent itching, smarting eruption on face, which bled on being scratched, and changed into nettlerash – like eruption. – 25th and 26. Slight tearing pains in extremities.

7 b. July 16th, 5:30 a.m., 1 dr. of 1st dil. Forenoon, tearing in nape, l. thigh, betwixt scapulae, sacrum. Afternoon, tearing in right middle finger, betwixt scapulae. – 17th. Forenoon, tearing, in left forearm, both ring fingers; stitch- like tearing in right wrist. Afternoon, tearing in 2nd joint of left ring finger, in right foot, nape, sacrum, 1st joint of l. thumb; shortening betwixt scapulae. – 18th. Forenoon, tearing in l. hand, l. arm, r. foot, r. thigh, sacrum under l. ribs, in tendo Achillis, l. wrist, l. knee, l arm, l. hand, l. thigh, right knee, 2nd joint of left little finger; tension in right calf. Afternoon, tearing in abdomen near genitals, in nape, l. hand, behind left ear upwards, in left hip-joint, both arms, nape; stitch-like tearing in forehead. – 19th. Forenoon, violent tearing in left foot anteriorly; tearing in left hand, betwixt scapulae, in both wrists, sacrum cervical muscles, l. index, 2nd joint of left thumb; pains in right ribs. Afternoon tearing betwixt scapulae, in left ring finger, l. foot, r. wrist, r. ankle, r. shoulder-joint, l. knee, l. thigh, right elbow, 2nd joint of r. thumb, teeth; sacral pains; stitches in brain; stitch-like tearing in l. knee.- 20th. Forenoon, tearing in both feet, sacrum, under r. arm, below l. scapulae, in both thighs, in l. pelvic bones, l. foot, l. ear, r. calf, l. hand, r. knee, l. foot anteriorly, l. thumb, l. eye. Afternoon, tearing in sacrum, l. hip-joint, r. foot, r. instep. – 21st. Forenoon, tearing in 1st joint of l. thumb, in r. arm, in neck, l. wrist, r. tibia, between scapulae. Afternoon tearing in right knee, betwixt scapulae, in left ankle, 2nd joint of left ring finger; stitch – like tearing in left tendo achillis. 22nd. Tearing in left hand, l. knee, l. tendo Achillis, betwixt scapulae. Afternoon, tearing under right arm, in sacrum; tension in right knee-joint. – 23rd. Forenoon, tearing in left hand, right thigh. Afternoon, tearing in right knee, in right side of neck, in l. arm.- 24th. Forenoon, shooting betwixt scapulae; tearing in right thigh, 2nd joint in right thumb; stitch-like tearing under right arm. Afternoon, tearing under right arm right hip-joint, and tension in right knee. – 25th. Tearing under right arm, in right thigh. After this no more symptoms.

7 c. Aug. 3rd 5 a.m., 2 dr. of 3rd dil. Forenoon tearing in left wrist, in 2nd joint of left thumb. Afternoon, tearing in left wrist. – 4th. No symptoms. (Ibid.)

7 d. Aug. 5th, 5:30 a.m., 3 dr of 6th. Forenoon, tearing in 2nd joint of left thumb, in right instep, right arm. Afternoon, tearing in left arm; sacral pains. – 6th. No symptoms. (Ibid.).

Richard Hughes
Dr. Richard Hughes (1836-1902) was born in London, England. He received the title of M.R.C.S. (Eng.), in 1857 and L.R.C.P. (Edin.) in 1860. The title of M.D. was conferred upon him by the American College a few years later.

Hughes was a great writer and a scholar. He actively cooperated with Dr. T.F. Allen to compile his 'Encyclopedia' and rendered immeasurable aid to Dr. Dudgeon in translating Hahnemann's 'Materia Medica Pura' into English. In 1889 he was appointed an Editor of the 'British Homoeopathic Journal' and continued in that capacity until his demise. In 1876, Dr. Hughes was appointed as the Permanent Secretary of the Organization of the International Congress of Homoeopathy Physicians in Philadelphia. He also presided over the International Congress in London.