Proving Symptoms of homeopathy medicine Baptisia, described by Richard Hughes in his book, A Cyclopedia of Drug Pathogenesis, published in 1895….


Baptisia tinctoria, R. Br. Wild indigo. Nat Ord. Leguminosae.


1. J. S. DOUGLASS, M. D., aet. 55, good health, nervous-sanguine temp. On Feb. 5th, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., took 1 dr. of tinct. without perceptible effect. At bedtime 2 dr. Slept 2 or 3 h., and then woke from a troublesome dream with difficult breathing, a sort of nightmare; felt on waking as if room were insufferably hot and close, hindering respiration. Feeling of greatly increased compass and frequency of heart’s pulsations, which seemed to fill the chest; pulse, normally about 70, he judged to be 90 or over, full and soft. There was most uncomfortable burning heat of whole surface, especially of face; tongue was dry on rubbing against roof of mouth, smarted and felt sore as if burnt. The heat compelled him to move to a cool part of bed, and finally to rise and open a window, and bathe the face and hands. With these symptoms was a peculiar feeling of head, never experienced save during presence of fever-a sort of excitement of brain which is the beginning of delirium, this never failing to occur with him when fever continues and reaches any height. After 1 h. these symptoms abated, and he went to sleep, and slept soundly till late in m. On waking tongue was dry, with same burnt feeling; and there was a little dulness in head. Appetite for breakfast good. At 9 a.m. took 1 dr. Same feeling of tongue continued slightly through d., with hot and perceptibly flushed face, and slight confusion of brain. Slept soundly that n. On 7th, no symptoms save slight dryness of tongue. Took 2 dr., and shortly after drank coffee with breakfast, which seemed to neutralize effect. Before bedtime 2 dr. Slept 2-3 h., and dreamed of labouring hard in deep snow, suffering with heat from exertion, and finally being smothered in the snow. Awoke with great difficulty of breathing, lungs felt tight and compressed, could not get a full breath, felt obliged to open window to get face to fresh air; same burning heat of surface, dry tongue, increased and quickened pulsations of heart, and peculiar feeling of brain, as on first n. An h. passed before he could breathe easily and felt comfortably cool. Slept well remainder of n., after having for short time slight febrile chilly horripilations over lower limbs and back. On 8th. in m., slight dulness, heat of face, and dry tongue; appetite good. Head, face, and tongue continued thus all day; at n. slept profoundly. On 9th, no symptoms save bloated feeling of eyes and sense of having slept too long and hard. At 11:30 a.m., 2 dr.; very soon slight chilliness in lower limbs and back, brain a little stimulated. At 1, feeling dull, especially in occiput, where there was slight pain and fulness, lay down and slept an h.; waking from a slight sort of nightmare, with moderate tightness of chest and correspondingly difficult breathing, which was soon over. At 3 p.m., 2 dr., soon after dinner; no effect. At bedtime 2 dr. Again waking (with some difficulty) from nightmare after about 2 h., anxiety continuing for some time after waking. Burning heat and evident feeling of pulsation in feet for 1/2 h., after which he went to sleep and slept soundly. [ “I omitted to mention in its place, that each time after waking from the nightmare the parts on which I lay soon became exceedingly painful, especially the sacral region and hips. After lying for not more than 10 m. upon the back, the sacral region became intolerably painful, as though I had lain on the barn floor all night, and inducing the conviction that a short continuance of the position would induce bedsores. When turning on one or other side, the same sensation would be produced on the hips, obliging me at last to turn on my face to relieve these parts. In regard to the nightmare, it is proper to say that I was formerly considerably subject to it, but for many years have never had it, except when sleeping on my back, or perhaps very rarely when on my left side. In all instances recorded I was sleeping in my usual position, on my right side.”] On 10th, at 2:30 p.m., 3 dr. Within few m., heat of face, soon followed by same febrile excitement of brain in a greater degree; disposition to talk, external vessels of head and face more dull; head felt large and eyes were shining. With these symptoms there was intolerance of pressure on any part; could not rest back against chair without having pain from pressure, was obliged to change sitting posture every few m. from same cause, even feet became painful from resting on floor. Hands felt large and were tremulous, with peculiar thrilling sensation through both hands and feet, somewhat like “going to sleep;” saliva rather abundant, somewhat viscid and flat-tasting; “gone” empty feeling in stomach. These sensations were soon followed by dull pain of sacrum, compounded of soreness as from pressure and fatigue as from long stooping, soon extending round hips and down right leg. Dined at 3:30 with tolerable appetite, read for 1 h., and then lay down, but experienced difficulty of breathing, which in about 1/2 h. became so great that he was obliged to rise, feeling that if he went to sleep he would immediately have nightmare and suffocation. This dyspnoea was not so much constrictive as paretic, such as he had only felt during a fever. Walking out in e., legs felt weak and vacillating; after returning, rather painful weariness of back and legs (especially r.), and of r. shoulder and arm; also constant want to take a full breath. Went to bed feeling utterly exhausted. Next day rather weak and indisposed to think; heat of face; during e. uneasy, restless, could confine himself to nothing, wanted to be moving from place to place, unhappy; mind seemed weak, rather confused. Felt compelled to retire as early as 9, and slept soundly till 7:30 next m. On 12th felt weak and tremulous, as though recovering from illness and as yet incapable of making any vigorous mental or physical exertion. Felt stronger on walking in open air, which, however, produced continual and profuse lachrymation. Has been constipated from beginning of proving until now, when bowels have resumed their usual condition. Symptoms gradually subsided during next 3 d. (N. Amer. Journ. of Hom., vi, 228.)

2. Dr. S. R. BECKWITH took unknown quantity, and reports as effects:- Slight nausea, with increased heat; slight dizziness and languor; muscular debility; inactive mind; restless feeling, without disposition to move; burning sensation over whole body, followed by perspiration, vomiting and diarrhoea, stools dark; debility; loss of appetite; slow, round, full pulse; filthy taste with flow of saliva; constriction and oppression of chest; drowsy, stupid, tired feeling; aching in limbs; pain in back extending to sacrum. (Ibid.)

3. Dr. P. B. HOYT also gives no information as to doses taken, and reports his symptoms as follows in the order of the schema:-Vertigo; dull pain in front of head; sharp pain over right eye, then over left; dull pain in both temples, growing more and more intense; dull stupid feeling all over head, with severe pain at occiput; head feels heavy, as though he could not sit up; headache day and night, causing sensation of wildness and increased by noise; cannot confine mind, a sort of wild wandering feeling. Soreness of eyeballs; eyes feel swollen, with burning and slight lachrymation; congestion of vessels of eyes, which look red and inflamed. Dulness of hearing. Catarrh, dull pain at root of nose. Face feels flushed and very hot, cheeks burn. Profuse flow of sweetish-bitter saliva, followed by a glutinous substance; lips stick together; tongue coated at first white, with reddish papilla here and there, followed by a yellowish- brown coating in centre, edges being red and shining; tongue feels thick and swollen; numb pricking sensation of tongue; bad taste in mouth. Throat feels swollen and full, with oppressed respiration, and sharp pains in chest on taking a long breath. Slight nausea and want of appetite; constant desire for water. Constipation; fulness of abdomen; flatulence; pain in hypogastrium; soreness of abdominal muscles, as if from cold or coughing violently. Urine not very copious; of dark red colour; a sort of burning when urinating. Extremities feel hot, except feet, which are cold; stiffness of all joints, as if strained. Surface of whole body feels hot and dry, with occasional chill, principally up and down back, as if ague were coming on; chill all day, with fever at n., and rheumatic pains and soreness all over body; pulse at first accelerated, afterwards very low and faint. Restless, does not sleep quietly, wants and yet does not want to get up; dreams about fighting and disputations, but always comes off best. All symptoms increased by taking a glass of beer; many continued 4 or 5 d. (Ibid.)

4. W. ROWLEY, aet. 20; dosage also unknown. After 3rd dose headache, first in front, afterwards behind; feeling of great prostration; flashes of heat from small of back in all directions; nausea. On 3rd day severe headache in front; low spirits, prostration; pain in stomach and hypochondrium, passing down to right iliac region; drowsiness, disposition to have eyes closed; pulse slow and weak. (Ibid.)

5. L. W. SAPP, aet. 21. After 1st dose (quantity unnamed) thirst and flashes of heat over face. General heat after going to bed; unusually sound sleep; in m. dull stupid feeling after breakfast; slight yellow coat on tongue; dull pain in abdomen on pressure; sallow appearance of countenance; bowels costive. Dull heavy aching in lumbar region on going to bed; dreams at night; next m. aching and dull heaviness in head after rising; tongue coated white and slightly congested; heat in forehead; rheumatic pains in right side; loss of appetite; pulse 70, rising about 2 p.m. to 100; chill over back while sitting by hot fire in forenoon; indescribable sick feeling all over; great languor; pains in stomach and feeling as if there were a hard substance there. In evening cramp in stomach and chills over back; great chilliness on going into open air; soreness in front part of head and on moving eyes. Deep sleep till 3 a.m.; on waking, flashes of heat and feeling as if perspiration would break out; soreness in region of liver. In m. swelling of epiglottis (?); soreness in brain, worse on stooping, and in muscles of neck; urine high coloured. (Ibid.)

6. J. E. SMITH, aet. 32. Took 3 doses (quantity not stated) at bedtime on Feb. 8th, 9th, and 11th. On n. of 8th heat and burning of lower extremities, so intense as to prevent sleep most of night; when asleep continual dreaming; bowels loose next m. (very unusual); slight dulness in brain all d. N. of 9th sleepless and restless; brain feels numb, with occasional stitches or shocks in various parts of head. Taking none on 10th felt nearly well on 11th. Dreamed all that n., in dreams triumphing over all opposition; in m. headache in front part of brain, inability to memorize as usual; stitching pain in cardiac end of stomach; throbbing in heart, as to be distinctly heard. Slept well at night; on 13th diarrhoea, loud borborygmi; pains in liver; soreness in front of thighs, worse after sitting awhile; darting pain in left knee and ankle; twitching in left deltoid, which has been constant since taking 1st dose, and to-day the same in left latissimus dorsi; slight headache, with bruised feeling in forehead; lachrymation on going into open air; general tired, bruised, sick feeling in all parts of body, but not very bad. On 14th slight erratic pains in various parts, bowels confined. On 15th, constipation severe, with haemorrhoids, quite troublesome: took dose of nux vom. On 16th bowels regular, haemorrhoids gone. (Ibid.)

7. Dr. CONRAD WESSELHOEFT, May 17th, 1869, took 3 dr. of 5th dil. at 7 a.m., and seems to have repeated dose daily, though he does not say so. During 1/2 h. after 1st dose aching pain of occiput, extending from ear to ear, and from nape to vertex. Same occurred on 20th, and from 19th to 21st he felt great drowsiness all day, going to sleep at any time, with great disinclination to mental exertion. On 22nd, taking no medicine, felt much better all d. [ DR. WESSELHOEFT writes:- “Soon after commencing, I found my physical condition unfitted for a reliable proving; but I herewith furnish what I have obtained.” Under these circumstances, we think it safest to print his results in small type, as not free from uncertainty.-EDS] (Pub. of Mass. Hom. Soc., iii, 456.) 8 a. Dr. BURT, in good health, took Oct. 12th, 10 dr. of tinct., at 10 a.m. At noon feeling of tightness across forehead, with pain over right eye. At 3 p.m., severe pain every few m. at cardiac end of stomach. At 4 p.m., 15 dr. Frontal sensations yet more pronounced, and frequent sharp shooting through bowels. At 8 p.m., 20 dr. Frequent pressive pain over r. eye; constant pain in region of gall-bladder, very severe when walking; dull pain in epigastrium, dull drawing pain in right groin; legs ache. At bedtime, 25 dr. Slept well till midnight, not at all since; dreamed of being chained down across mouth. Frequent epigastric pain, much increased by turning over, to which nevertheless he was constantly impelled; drawing pains in arms and legs; slight rumbling in bowels. Next m., tongue coated yellow along centre. At 10 a.m., 30 dr. Dull pressive pain in forehead, and sharp pains in both temples; dull pain in right hypochondrium and small of back; drawing pains in legs; slight rumbling in bowels, with mushy stool. At 2 p.m., 35 dr., and at 9, 40 dr. All afternoon and evening, constant and severe pain in epigastrium and right hypochondrium, of drawing character, worst when walking; pain causes numb feeling to pass all over body. Dull pain in forehead; drawing pain in calves. Urinated 40 oz., acid. Had a very restless n., with frightful dreams. On 14th, without further dose, continuance of dull pain in abdomen, involving umbilicus; tongue yellow; soft stool; urine 26 oz., acid. N. the same; but at 9 next m. felt quite well. Took 40 dr. at 9 a.m., and pains returned, extending to spine. At 5 p.m., 50 drs. Skin of forehead much contracted; severe drawing pains in right groin and testicle, and in right foot. Urine 28 oz., acid. At 9 p.m., 60 dr. Slept till 2 a.m., then could sleep no more; took 40 dr. at 4 a.m. A good deal of epigastric, pain all n., but felt quite well next m. Injected 10 drops under skin of left arm over biceps. In 10 m. skin of forehead felt as if it would be pulled to back part of head, with numb feeling of forehead and face; in 15 m., feeling as if he would vomit, with some shooting pain in left abdomen and loin; in 30 m., sensation as if forehead would be pressed in; slight abdominal pains as before; frequent gulping up of air; slight pressive headache, and dull pain in loins. At 2 p.m. took 100 dr. Dull heavy pressive headache; at times sharp pains in temples; heavy aching in stomach and liver, with very hot sensation there; soft stools. At 9 p.m., took 120 drops. Felt very weak and trembled a good deal. Pains continue, -that in right hypochondrium (gall-bladder) so severe on walking as to make this almost impossible; severe drawing pains in calves. Urine 42 oz., acid. At bedtime took 106 dr. Slept well till 2 a.m., then very restless till m., with frightful dreams. Next m., dull heavy frontal headache; constant dull umbilical aching, aggravated by deep inspiration; dull lumbar aching, very severe when walking; tongue yellow along centre; flat taste. At noon, 150 dr. Pains in head and right hypochondrium as before, quite sharp at times; and after 200 dr. at 3 p.m., frontal tightness as before.

8 b. Fearing that all medicinal properties of drug were not in tinct., he chewed this day (Oct. 17th) 30 grs. of green bark of root. Constant burning distress in epigastrium, with severe colicky pains in umbilical and especially in hypogastric region every few seconds, with rumbling in bowels and desire to vomit, but no nausea; soft stool; drawing pains in right hip and both calves. Urine 31 oz., acid. Slept till 3 a.m., after which could do so no more, but had to toss about constantly; dull, hard headache, very much worse on moving, with frequent sharp pains in temples; constant umbilical aching. At 4 a.m., 40 grs. In m., tongue yellow; flat bitter taste; tonsils congested; drawing pains in legs; all forenoon great distress in stomach and bowels, with desire to vomit; soft mushy stools. At 11 a.m. took 55 grs. At 1 p.m., eyes felt as if pressed into head, with great confusion of sight; could not fix objects at first look, everything seeming to be moving; difficult to keep eyelids open. Fauces and tonsils very much congested; great distress in epigastric and umbilical region, with much rumbling; cramp in calves on every movement; felt very weak and faint. 8 p.m., have had frequent pains in right temple; eyes smart and ache severely; tonsils same, with frequent desire to swallow, which produces pain in root of tongue; constant aching distress in abdomen as before, with rumbling, weakness, and faintness; papescent stool, with much mucus; legs tremble and ache. Urine 33 oz., acid. A very restless n. Next m. (19th), head, mouth, throat, and abdomen as before; also back and hips are stiff, and ache severely, with drawing pains in left leg. These symptoms continued all day; urine of whitish colour, neutral. Slept well. Tongue next m. still yellow; gums have been very sore for 2 d., they bleed freely on pressure; throat red; slight backache. Stool, absent yesterday, was natural to-day. Felt very gloomy for several d.

8 c. Oct. 28th, feeling well, at 10 a.m. took 4 grs. of baptisin. [ A ‘concentrated preparation,” made by extracting all active elements of plants, and recombining them in their proportions.-EDS.] Severe pain in region of gall-bladder, lasting 1 h.; constant slight umbilical pain; natural stool. Later in day took 6 grs. All evening, dull frontal headache, with smarting of eyes and drawing pain down nose; abdominal aching in hypogastrium also, and there at times very sharp. Slept well, and on 29th, feeling quite well, took 10 grs. at 10 a.m. Umbilical pain all day; in afternoon occasional drawing pains in right wrist and left ankle, and in evening constant dull frontal headache. Took 14 grs. Slept well till 1 a.m., then woke with severe cutting in hypogastrium and loud rumbling; after this very restless, with frightful dreams. Next m. tongue and mouth as before; soft papescent stools. Inguinal glands on right side very much swollen, and very painful when walking. (HALE, New Remedies, 2nd ed.)

9. Dr. HADLEY took, Jan. 26th, 10 dr. of tinct. In a short time, dryness and roughness of larynx, extending to nares, as from an astringent, followed after a little by increased secretion from parts, especially from pharynx; dull pain at pit of stomach, and constriction of diaphragm. On 28th, at 10 a.m., took 15 dr.; same sensations in fauces, stomach, and diaphragm; dull pain in sternum; pain in right lung, continuing some time, less in left, but some soreness; slight pain in right frontal sinus; increased flow of saliva in e. On 30th, at 10 a.m., 20 dr. In a short time increased secretion of saliva, followed by slight pain in right lung and right frontal sinus. On Feb. 4th, 25 dr. Dryness of fauces followed by increased secretion as before, and lung pain. In afternoon, dull pain in anterior lobes of brain, and in right frontal sinus; sensation of weight and oppression in precordial region, with feeling of unsatisfied breathing. At 6 p.m. oppressed breathing, cough, soreness of right lung, and sneezing; increased secretion from bronchial tubes and fauces, with mucous expectoration. (N. Y. State Hom. Soc. Trans., iii, 325.)

10. Miss HADLEY, aet. 20, took 15 dr., which produced severe pain in frontal sinuses, followed by sneezing. In afternoon, tightness of chest, fulness of throat, difficulty of breathing, and quite troublesome disposition to cough; pain in whole anterior part of head; prostration and perspiration on least exertion. In evening respiration freer and cough gone; lungs feel easier and stronger than usual. [The last observation, and the statement that “she was cured by this proving of a troublesome cough of long standing,” lead us to put this experiment in small type. -EDS.] (Ibid.)

11. Drs. BAILEY, and PALMER reported that they had taken tincture in doses ranging from a few drops to 600, without any decided effect. (Ibid., p. 316.)

12. One of the earliest results noticed in giving this drug [ Manner not stated.-EDS] was a most copious flow of saliva, followed by sore-throat, with scraping and burning; a raw sensation in pharynx followed, with a large amount of viscid mucus, and much to my surprise, well-developed ulcers in the mouth; constrictive feeling in throat, causing frequent efforts at deglutition; pricking sensation in upper pharynx; dulness in head; vertigo and sensation of weakness in entire system, especially in lower limbs, with weak knees; confused feeling in head; surface of body chilly; hoarseness to such an extent as to require the utmost effort to be understood; tickling in throat, constantly provoking cough; thick mucous discharge from nose; swimming sensation like that experienced before operation of an emetic; frequent eructations; nausea; distension of abdomen; feeling as though it would be a relief to vomit; rumbling in intestines; tongue feels as though it had been scraped, and same sensation extends through fauces. (W. L. THOMPSON, M. D., N. Am. Journ of Hom., v, 547.)

Richard Hughes
Dr. Richard Hughes (1836-1902) was born in London, England. He received the title of M.R.C.S. (Eng.), in 1857 and L.R.C.P. (Edin.) in 1860. The title of M.D. was conferred upon him by the American College a few years later.

Hughes was a great writer and a scholar. He actively cooperated with Dr. T.F. Allen to compile his 'Encyclopedia' and rendered immeasurable aid to Dr. Dudgeon in translating Hahnemann's 'Materia Medica Pura' into English. In 1889 he was appointed an Editor of the 'British Homoeopathic Journal' and continued in that capacity until his demise. In 1876, Dr. Hughes was appointed as the Permanent Secretary of the Organization of the International Congress of Homoeopathy Physicians in Philadelphia. He also presided over the International Congress in London.