Aurum metallicum

Proving Symptoms of homeopathy medicine Aurum Metallicum, described by Richard Hughes in his book, A Cyclopedia of Drug Pathogenesis, published in 1895….


Including A. metallicum, gold leaf triturated; A. muriaticum, the bichloride, AuCl3; A. muriaticum natronatum, the chloride of gold and sodium, NaCl. AuCl32H2O; and A sulphuratum, product of decomposition of chloride by sulphuretted hydrogen.


1. HAHNEMANN, Mat. Medorrhinum Pura, vol. iv of original, vol. i of translation. Contains 335 symptoms of A. metallicum from himself and seven fellow-observers; also eighteen from A. muriaticum.

2. IBID., Chronic Diseases, part ii of original, vol. of translation. The same, with eighty-two additional symptoms, mainly from author.

3. Dr. MOLIN proved A. metallicum, A. muriaticum, and A. sulphuratum. In what manner is not specified here, save that he experimented on himself and some others. But from another place (Bull. de la Soc. Med hom. de Paris, i, 7) we learn that he used the 4th dil., beginning with 1-drop doses, and duplicating daily (1, 2, 4 8, 16, &c.) until positive effects were obtained; then allowing these to subside, and proceeding in like manner again and again. He reports the following results:-

3 a. From A. metallicum, -desire for solitude; restlessness; loss of memory; religious exaltation; ennui; causeless grief, and frequent weeping; impatience and anger; disgust for life and tendency to suicide. Sleeplessness or continual sleepiness; nocturnal agitation; unpleasant and fatiguing dreams. Eruption of small white pimples all over hairy scalp, with heat and itching; great and continuous burning at vertex and occiput, some over whole head; every 3 or 4 d., attack of shooting, burning and beating in left forehead, with nausea and even vomiting of bile; mental exertion makes head ache. Burning and shooting pains, with itching, in lids and inner angle of eyes; redness of sclerotic and (before menses) of lids; constant lachrymation and feeling as of sand in eyes; agglutination of lids in m. Burning, pricking, and itching behind ears, and oozing there; burning and darting in ears; buzzing, hissing, and ticking sounds in ears; diminished hearing. Redness and swelling of nose, or red pimples thereon; burning and itching within and without, with shooting and smarting within nose; scabs from nose, or thick discharge like white of egg; frequent sneezing. Face red and swollen, or marbled with red and violet patches, or spotted with large red pimples. Aphthae in mouth, heat and smarting there; redness and swelling of gums, which bleed easily; pimples on lips, with burning, darting, pricking, and great itching. Same feelings in throat, most felt when swallowing. Aversion to eating; extreme thirst; desire for cold or for alcoholic drinks; nausea, and desire to vomit immediately after eating, sometimes even while eating; hiccup; watery risings; choking a little while after having eaten; burning, shooting and cutting pains in stomach and abdomen (especially right hypochondrium and epigastrium); sensibility of abdomen to touch, an especially tender spot in left hypochondrium; weight over pubes; heat and sensation of scratching in groins; twisting colic before and during stools, which are diarrhoeic, most frequent at n., greenish or yellowish- grey; burning and forcing pains at anus; external piles, bleeding during stool. [ “Other observations have offered us examples of haemorrhoidal tumours that owed their appearance to the exciting effects of the chloride.” (LEGRAND, cited by BURNETT. See p. 508.) ] Pain during micturition; urine scanty, either red and hot, with gravel, or thick, with very strong ammoniacal odour, and quickly decomposing. Burning, shooting, and smarting in urethra; heat and dull pains in perineum; painful erections. Redness and swelling of labia; heat, smarting and prickings at vulva and in vagina; white thick leucorrhea; period delayed. Frequent strong and tearing cough, noisy during n. Respiration laboured; burning, shootings, and prickings in chest; palpitation at n., and when lying on back, strong and irregular; heat, itching, shooting, and cutting in heart. Pains in parotids; difficulty of turning neck as in torticollis; heat in axilla and loins, going from latter to bladder; bruised pain in loins; heat, pricking and itching in back. Burning, dartings, and prickings in arm; fatigue of arms, movements are difficult; sharp pains in finger-joints. Difficulty in walking; swelling of feet; redness and burning of toes.

3 b. To A. muriaticum is ascribed a very similar array of symptoms, with the following modifications: To the mental symptoms are added excessive gaiety and carelessness, and motiveless waywardness. The sleepiness and sleeplessness appear in day and n. respectively. In the head there is giddiness; coldness on vertex, instead of heat, latter being felt in forehead and occiput; head heavy and stupid, and often moves restlessly. The eye symptoms are identical, with addition of difficulty in keeping eyes shut. Moisture behind ears forms scabs. Discharge from nose is yellow and thick, forming scabs, or watery, acrid, and malodorous. Besides other symptoms of mouth and throat, there is swelling of submaxillary glands and some dysphagia. In stomach there is uneasiness and pain after eating, putrid eructations. slow digestion, frequent yawning after eating. In abdomen, inflation, with suffocative feeling; stitch in left hypochondrium as after running fast; continual feeling of uneasiness in right hypochondrium, with burning there; redness, itching, heat, and smarting at umbilicus, and eruption of small red pimples above pubes. The genital symptoms are swelling and tension of testicles, lancinations along cord, heat and itching in urethra; same in vagina, redness and swelling of labia, continual oozing at vulva, yellow and clear leucorrhea. Some d. before period, eruption of large red pimples on labia. The cough is more pronounced, and is accompanied with heat in larynx, and expectoration, white and blood-streaked, or yellow and thick; speech is difficult, and voice hoarse and stridulous. With chest and heart symptoms there is sense of suffocation at n. The sensations in back and loins were much felt, with stiffness and fatigue. Besides burning and dartings in arms, there is involuntary starting, aching and stiffness; last also in hands, with burning and itching and difficulty in closing them. Besides redness of toes and swelling of feet there are boils on buttocks and thighs; stiffness in thighs and legs; swelling of knees; heat, pricking, and lancinations in legs; burning of feet; cutting pains in toes when walking.

3 c. The same may be said of the symptoms referred to A. sulphuratum. The disposition is mournful and thoughtful, or sad and disagreeable. The dreams are very terrifying. Continual flow of blood to head, and falling out of hair, are new symptoms in this region. To the eye troubles are added throbbing and photophobia. To those of the nose great sensibility to least touch, and throbbing and cutting pains; the coryza is dry. Pallor of the face is noted besides the other appearances. The gums bled; the lips cracked; the teeth felt numb, or were the seat of shooting pains, which sometimes spread over head and receded again. Shootings were felt also in throat. In abdomen, sensation as of a ball rolling about was added to other feelings. The pains at anus were very sharp, and there was constipation instead of diarrhea-stools being like rabbits’ dung. Incontinence of urine occurred at n. The sexual symptoms were very marked, and to the ordinary ones were added transitoriness of the (frequent) erections, amounting to impotence; non-appearance or irregularity of menses, with extreme weariness; pains in heart and nausea the day before them; weight and bearing down in female parts. Cough as with A. mur., and croupy. Chest symptoms are the same, but palpitations are felt only on strong movement. Drawing right along spine; swelling of thyroid and of breasts (which are tender to touch); cracks in nipples, and bitings and dartings at base of mammae, -are peculiar symptoms of A. sulph.; in other respects it seems to have affected trunk and extremities like A. met., and mur., but it caused some oscillation and uncertainty in legs, and sense of deadness in feet. The burning, so marked with the other two preparations, is rarely noted under this; but, on the other hand, its darting pains are more pronounced. (Bull. de la Soc Medorrhinum de Paris, i, 19.)

4. Dr. BUNCHER took 1/10000th gr. of A. mur. The chief effects were: Burning in conjunctiva, dryness of eyes, weakness of sight, the letters disappear by candle-light for a few m., the paper appears blank. Weakness of memory, confusion of head, pressure on brain, along sagittal suture. Drowsiness; profound sleep. Indisposed to mental work. Bruised feeling of limbs. Oppression about heart compelling deep breathing, which relieves. Frequent call to urinate, lasting 2 1/2 d. Increased secretion of urine. Excess of urea and urates. Speedy decomposition of urine. (N. Zeitsch. f. hom. Kl., iv, 208.)

5. Dr. EBERLE proved the 6th, 3rd, and Ist dec. dil. of Aurum mur., and also a solution of 1 to 16, from 25th March to 5th Dec., 1858. His principal symptoms were: severe headache on left frontal protuberance near foramen supra-orbital, next day. on right frontal protuberance. Smarting and itching in right canthus, compelling scratching. Violent tearing in right temple. Drawing pain in left temple towards crown. Shooting pain in left ear. Drawing pain in right ear. L. ear feels as if a plug were in it (for several d.). Lightning-like twitches in right upper maxilla. Tickling in trachea with dry cough as from breathing in dust. Drawing pain in both sides of chest. Spasmodic drawing between sixth and seventh ribs, with feeling as if someone were trying to stretch out heart. Shooting in right pectoral muscles, not increased by pressure, but a little so by deep breathing, and much so by moving upper part of body, lasting 10 h. Shooting tearing in intercostal muscles of right side, then of left side. Great oppression of chest hardly allowing him to breathe. R. chest on rising up as if beaten, the pectoral muscles painful to touch, this was as bad at n. In the n., woke up by a shooting boring pain in the point of impact of the apex of heart, deeply seated, that lasted some m. (thought he could not have borne it if it had lasted longer); not affected by deep breathing; it went off completely when he pressed his hand on cardiac region; immediately afterwards radiating from this place a lancinating pain which ended in the left hypochondrium, for a moment so violent that it stopped his breathing; on breathing deeply the pain went off. Empty feeling in stomach. Painful drawing in pit of stomach to middle of sternum (as if a hard body were pushed upwards; aggravated by stooping, eating, drinking, only coming on in jerks). Drawing pain in small intestines frequently recurring during day, relieved by liquid evacuations, eating, drinking, movement, but not by pressure. Rumbling and audible grumbling in abdomen. Thin, frequent stools with burning in anus, and tenesmus. At n., woke with violent itching on glans penis. Painful drawing in left testicle to inguinal ring, recurring in jerks. Burning when urinating as if urine were too hot and acrid. Feeling of heat in urethra and strangury. Shooting pain all along urethra on rising. Stiffness in nape. Drawing, tearing pain in muscular parts of both hip-joints, lasting some time. Lancinating pain in jerks on anterior and middle of both thighs extending to patella, so violent as to cause him to jump. Occurrence of a petechia-like exanthem on both legs, with a small papule in the centre, which lasted 5 d. Bruised feeling on lower third of right leg (as if beaten), which becomes so bad by continual walking that he must limp home (this went off after 7 h.) with a feeling as if the pain always tended more towards the big toe and flew out at the tip of the toes. Burning pains as from a red-hot coal on anterior aspect of left leg. Tearing in left metatarsus. Drawing in left instep. Drawing burning pain in left big toe frequently recurring during day, worst when walking. Burning pain in left clavicle, transient. Drawing pain in right shoulder- joint. Drawing and boring in middle of right upper arm for 3 successive d. Drawing in elbow as if a sinew were violently pulled, recurring frequently momentarily, d. and n. Violent drawing in ball of right hand. Drawing tearing pains in various parts of body, especially extremities. Strong metallic taste with increased secretion of saliva, urging to swallow, at same time feeling as if a plug stuck in throat (from undiluted solution). Fluent coryza with rough throat and irritation to cough. Coryza with frequent tickling in throat. Great weariness. Extraordinary feeling of prostration in limbs, indescribable weariness of whole body scarcely allowing him to rise from his seat. Bruised feeling in back rendering stooping scarcely possible. Sad disposition as though some great misfortune were about to occur, for several d.; very restless sleep with frightful dreams. (Ibid.)

6. Dr. Eberle’s housemaid took the 6th, 3rd, and Ist dec. dil., the undiluted solution, and a trituration, of Aurum m., from 17th March to 3rd November, 1878. After a restless n. headache on rising, tearing again in left temporal region, towards the right, all day, only going off in bed. After rising throbbing pain in left temple, going off on applying cold water, recurring in afternoon and lasting 4 h. Throbbing headache with bad dreams. Vertigo and whirling before eyes at every movement and tearing pain above eyes, aggravated by stooping, ameliorated in open air, lasting all day, and only going off at n. in bed. On rising in m. tearing pain, beginning above left eye, extending to right ear, out at which it seems to go. The pain was so violent that she must lie down, when the pain at once ceased. Violent tearing from left temple towards ear with vertigo and tearing above eye. Tearing in left temple lasting several hours and returning when in bed. sore throat and redness of m. m. of fauces. On rising, difficult deep breathing as if a stone lay on chest. Tearing in right chest from middle of sternum to right shoulder-joint, aggravated by every breath and lasting 1/2 h. Shooting in cardiac region to middle of sternum, aggravated by every movement and deep breathing, lasting 4 h. Anorexia. In m., when fasting, nausea and inclination to vomit, going off after breakfast. Vomiting for 1/4 h. with violent retching and putrid eructation, soon after cutting in belly and four watery stools. After taking 1 gr. Aurum m. in substance, great nausea and inclination to vomit, and vomiting of water (which had been swallowed after the medicine) with a trace of bright blood. Frequent yawning soon going off after eating, but soon returning, lasting 2 h. Flat taste in mouth all d. with great nausea, going off at n. in bed. Soon after taking dose, thin, watery stool, with much griping in bowels, in spite of the urging to stool it is not satisfactory. Violent contractive pain in belly making her crouch together, lasting 3 1/2 h., and only going off when she goes to bed. Much flatulence, with cutting in belly and a fluid stool. Transient severe itching in pudendum. Menses appeared some days too soon, more profuse; the blood discharged was so acrid that it made her sore; before menses came on, leucorrhea. Menses next time 7 d. too soon, blood brighter, not so acrid, lasted only 2 d. The leucorrhea, after ceasing, returned again and lasted 4 d.; it is very acrid, makes the thighs sore, and is accompanied by itching in genitals. Spasmodic tearing in legs, beginning under hough and extending as far as middle of calf, lasting severely 4 h., then declining gradually. Tearing in right big toe and inner side of right knee. Tearing in left shoulder lasting 2 h., for 2 d. the shoulder was painful to touch. Tearing in right arm from elbow- joint to tip of little finger, so severe as to prevent her working. Feeling of having been beaten on left arm. Fluent coryza at n. Sneezing four times in succession, then tearing in left nasal bone towards eye with great feeling of heat in eye, great injection of conjunctiva and lachrymation, which was so sudden and violent that the tears actually spurted out of the eye. In open air severe pressure in eye and tearing in it, with complete blindness. On covering up eye with hand all these symptoms went off. This phenomenon occurred for some time periodically. Uncommon prostration of limbs. During all the time of the proving such weariness that she can hardly walk and had to lie down frequently during d. After rising, paralyzed feeling in left shoulder lasting 1/2 h. Chilliness with goose-skin. Great redness. Dreams of misfortune about to happen (Ibid.)

7. A man who wished to prove gold had after a dose of 6th dil. such violent diarrhea for several day that he would not go on. (Ibid.)

8. Dr. LEMBKE took A. mur. natronatum 5th Nov., 7 a.m., 5 grs. 3rd trit. At 2 p.m. severe boring in bone above right eye when grs. 3rd trit. At 2 p.m. severe boring in bone above right eye when walking. 4 p.m., pressure in right foot when sitting. All day frequent micturition. Urine yellow, cutting in point of urethra, also when urinating. 8 p.m., frequent drawing in lower incisors. -7th, 7 a.m., 5 grs. 8 a.m., severe boring in right knee when sitting. 11 a.m., drawing on left cheek, boring in right eye. Very painful drawing in right fingers. 8 p.m., boring in right occiput when sitting. 9 p.m., pressure outward in thoracic walls from right nipple, not affected by breathing. – 9th, 7 a.m., 10 grs. 7:15 a.m., weary pain in lower part of left forearm and soon after some pain in legs when sitting. Metallic taste lasts long. 7:30 a.m., and repeatedly later, weight and heat in occiput. Perceptible heat in inside of cheeks and also externally. Sensation of weight and weariness in lower limbs, especially observable when sitting; this is relieved by movement, but immediately returns when at rest. 8 a.m., pressure in bones above eyes, and in muscles at side of left scapula. 8:30 a.m., drawing in right toes, in right cheek, in bones of sinciput, when sitting. Burning heat in cheeks. Drawing in face and head, deep in; drawing in calves, shoulders, upper arms. 12 noon, great stretching, pressing asunder, in roots of right fingers when walking. 2 p.m., severe pressure in bend of left elbow when walking, several times. Frequent drawing in forehead above eyes, with pressure and weight lasting several h. Much heat in face, weight in sinciput, a great part of d., also when sitting. 11 p.m., after lying down in bed drawing in left ankle-joint, and immediately afterwards, below right inner ankle, sensation of leather-rubbing, or rather a noise as when dry leather is rubbed, but without any pain, for about 1 m. 2 a.m., awoke with feeling of drawing in left shoulder. -10th, 7 a.m., 10 grs. Immediately the same noise at right inner ankle when foot is at rest, then pressure in left knee and drawing in right tibia, shooting in left toes. Nipping above inner condyle of right humerus. 7:30 a.m., the same leather noise while standing. Pressure in left shoulder, pressing asunder in roots of right fingers, then in right toes. Drawing in lower part of left tibia. 8 a.m., the same noise when sitting, lasting a few m., coming at regular intervals, slower than the pulse, occasionally intermitting, not felt when the boot is moved, but returning when foot is at rest, and this repeatedly. 8:30, the same creaking noise while sitting, for several m. Drawing in frontal bone. Burning pain in skin on dorsal aspect of forearm. Severe pressure in right forearm. 9 a.m., boring at lower part of right tibia. 11 a.m., stitches in right knee while walking. Pressing asunder in right finger-roots. Shooting in tip of urethra. 7 p.m., shooting in left knee while seated. 10 p.m., 10 grs. N. passed without symptoms. -11th, 7 a.m., 10 grs. Drawing in left finger-roots, in left knee. 8:30 a.m., the same creaking as yesterday when sitting. Shooting above inner condyle of left humerus. 9 a.m., burning heat in cheeks. 11 a.m., transient stitches in thoracic walls now right, now left, when walking. 9 p.m., drawing in right toes in left finger-roots, several times, both when walking and sitting. All d. feeling of faintness and heaviness in sinciput, also next d. on waking, lasts all d. 12 noon, drawing in tibia. 7 p.m., drawing in left cheek from above downwards. -13th, 7 a.m., 10 grs. 2nd cent. trit. Metallic taste as before. Immediately a smarting sensation at tip of tongue. 7:30 a.m., drawing in chin, then in lower part of right tibia, pressure in ankle-joints when sitting. 3 p.m., shooting in tip of tongue. 4 p.m., painful burning on border of upper lip, lasting some time. -14th, 7 a.m., 10 grs. In 1/4 h. when standing quick pulsation in left inner ankle towards big toe, lasting some time; immediately afterwards drawing in toes. The same pulsation repeated after a short interval. 7:30 a.m., pressure in forehead, drawing deep in left big toe, worst when at rest. Drawing in left occiput. 8 a.m., burning heat in cheeks and ears, continuing till after 9 a.m. Pressure in right knee, severe tearing in right frontal bone, in second joint of right thumb. 9 a.m., considerable coldness in back, hands quite cold, blue nails, at same time heat of face and ears, lasting 1/2 h. 11 a.m., pain in right knee when walking. E., drawing in lower part of right tibia, in inner border of left then of right, when sitting. 10 p.m., stretching asunder in roots of left fingers, then in left wrist-joint when sitting. 11 p.m., frequent short dry cough with scraping in larynx. Stitches in walls of chest, left side, two fingers breadth below nipple, not affected by breathing. -15th, 6:30 a.m., in bed, burning in left outer ankle extending up to tibia, when at rest. 7 a.m., 10 grs. 7:30 great heat in cheeks and ears, felt also externally. Boring in bones of right instep, deeply seated round about right ear, in left shoulder, when the parts are at rest. 8 a.m., pressure like bruise in right knee, in left elbow-joint, above right elbow. Shooting, half scraping feeling under tongue. 4 p.m., pressure in frontal bone wandering about, in right elbow-joint, in bone before right ear, in lower part of left tibia, and thence through feet into toes, going in a twisting manner back into the tibia, when seated. Later, the same in left knee, then pressure in second joint of right thumb. 5 p.m., pressure in left nasal bone. All the day frequent sneezing, nose admits the air very freely. All symptoms are worst when at rest. 8 p.m., shooting in tip of right big toe; frequent cracking in nape on moving head. Stretching in left finger-roots. Violent boring on dorsal aspect of right big toe when at rest, going off by moving toe, but returning. -16th, 7 a.m., 5 dr. of a sol. of Aurum mur. nat., 1 gr. to 100 dr. distilled water. Pressing in left finger-roots, in right tibia, under left elbow. Fine shooting in skin of cheeks followed by heat. Pressure in right deltoid muscle with feeling of warmth that streams into fingers. 8 a.m., drawing in right frontal bone, in roots of left toes, in bones of right hand, this generally accompanied by feeling of bruise. 8:30, pressure in right ankle-joint, as long as foot is at rest. Pressing asunder in temples. Continued severe boring in left tibia when sitting. 12 noon, shooting in left knee when walking, in tips of right toes, in back of right big toe. 5 p.m., when sitting, severe boring in left tibia, later in back of left foot, in bone before left ear. 6 p.m., shooting in soft parts above and on inside of right knee 7 p.m., when sitting, above left side of forehead on the hairy scalp, a sharp cutting pain on a circumscribed spot. – 17th, 8:30 a.m., drawing in right finger-roots, on right tibia, and left knee. 10 p.m., violent boring in frontal bone, especially right, in lower part of left tibia, drawing in roots of right toes, severe tearing in left elbow-joint, compelling him to move it, when the violent pain ceases, but returns in a few m. when the arm is at rest, and goes off without moving it again. – 18th. On rising, though he had slept well, he felt very faint; this lasted more than 1 h. 9 a.m., 10 dr. 11 a.m., tearing in left frontal bones, left cheek, betwixt ribs below left nipple when walking, later, tearing in left elbow-joint like last n. when walking. Towards 2 p.m. exhausted feeling lasting some h. Pressure in left nasal bone, in left ankle-joint, when sitting. 10 p.m., drawing in lower incisors. 11 p.m., boring in left tibia, above left eye, when sitting. -19th, 7 a.m., 15 dr. 7:30 a.m., boring on right tibia, in bone behind right ear. Drawing on middle of left tibia, in ankle-joint, on back of 2nd joint of right thumb, all when at rest. 4 p.m., drawing on left side of forehead, in left elbow-joint. Boring close behind right ala nasi, later on lower part of left tibia. Shooting in tips of toes when sitting. Pressing in left elbow-joint repeated while at rest. -20th, 6 a.m., after waking in bed, drawing in left elbow- joint and left tibia when at rest. 7 a.m., 15 dr. 7:15 a.m., drawing in right knee when sitting, then violent pressure on dorsum of left foot, tearing on left tibia, shooting on tip of left big toe. 8:30 a.m., drawing in occipital bone, in ball of left foot, burning heat in cheeks. Bruised pain in joints of arm and in wrist-joints when at rest, weight and pressure in sinciput, stitches in thoracic walls under left axilla. 3 p.m., when standing, irregular heart’s beats with feeling of pressure in heart and difficult breathing, at same time in heart a sensation of anxiety and want of breath, shooting in the soft parts on inner side of left thigh, stitches in anus. Pressure in left ankle-joint, when sitting, several times. Heaviness and pressure in forehead several times during day 5 p.m., the same pressure in heart, but without palpitation, when sitting; the sensation lasts only an instant. 10 p.m., severe pressing in forearm and elbow-joint, when seated, and also later. Drawing in right toes when at rest. -21st, 7 a.m., 15 dr. 7:30 a.m., pressure in right knee, then in left, when sitting, then in lower part of left tibia. 8:30 a.m. and 9 p.m., drawing in occiput. 2 p.m., burning in cheeks. Continued weary pain in right forearm with increased feeling of warmth. Pressure in both elbow-joints when at rest; burning on under surface of tongue and beneath tongue. 3 p.m., some violent heart’s beats and pressive sensation when standing. 4 p.m., tickling in larynx and below it. Shooting in right inner canthus. 10 p.m., violent boring in bone above left eye, in the room, also later. Cutting pain in a small spot of right parietal bone. Pressure in left elbow-joint and in forearm when at rest, also in joints of right little finger. – 22nd, 6:30 a.m., immediately after waking pain above left eye, in lower end of left forearm, on both sides of left tendo Achilles. 7 a.m., 35 dr. Immediately nausea for a short time, heat in cheeks prolonged. Stitches deep in left ear, yesterday had roaring. Boring in left wrist-joint, on dorsum of left foot towards toes, in left thoracic wall above nipple, above both eyes. 8 a.m., heat and weight in sinciput. 8:30 a.m., boring in left occiput, in knees. Constant burning in tip of tongue with shooting. 12 noon, constant boring in bones below eyes, drawing in roots of fingers also later. Burning deep under tongue at the sides of the frenulum. Pressure behind sternum, deep in chest to the back, when walking; afterwards the same pain and some irregular heart beats. Boring in left tibia, in roots of left fingers. Weight and pressure in sinciput almost all day, worst at 4 p.m., with heat in face, throbbing in temples, drawing over crown, burning in cheeks transiently relieved by washing with cold water, aggravated by stooping. 7 p.m., stitches in left outer canthus. 7:30 p.m., heat, pressure, &c., in sinciput, nearly quite gone. 9 p.m., severe boring in right temple. 10 p.m., twitching round about chin towards lower lip, felt with hand. 11 p.m., boring in roots of right teeth, alternating with shooting, when sitting; burning in tip of tongue. -23rd, 7 a.m., boring in left tibia when sitting, later in left elbow-joint when at rest. 10 a.m., severe burning in tip of tongue continued. 4 p.m., constant pressure in right elbow-joint when at rest, relieved by moving joint. 10 p.m., severe shooting in left eyeball, drawing in roots of left fingers, on left side of skull, burning in skin of right cheek. -24th. Tension in roots of fingers, boring in tibia, burning in tip of tongue, stitches in anus. A pile (to which he was not subject) comes out and is painful, goes off on 28th. -25th, 9 a.m., 25 dr. of 1 gr. Aurum m. n. in 100 dr. distilled water. 12 noon, stitches in right ear. 4 p.m., boring in left tibia, and at 5 p.m. in right elbow-joint repeatedly. Quick, irregular heart beats when stooping; tension in roots of fingers. -26th, 7 a.m., 25 dr. From 7:30 to 9 a.m. drawing in roots of left fingers, in right external ankle; burning heat in cheeks, heat and weight in sinciput. 8:30, boring in right tibia, then in l. Violent pressure in left elbow-joint and right scapula. 4 p.m., shooting in eyeball, tearing in left side of head, tension and pressure in muscles of left side of nape to left clavicle, increased by bending head to right, sometimes intolerable when at rest, lasting several h.; boring like a peg in left temple. -27th, 7 a.m., 25 dr. 8 a.m., boring in right knee, the pain in left side of nape like yesterday, continued; heat in cheeks and forehead. 8:30, burning in skin above left. knee, then right, cutting in a small spot of skin of right parietal region; burning in tip of tongue; bruised pain in right forearm when at rest; drawing in skin of right upper arm; boring in left temple. 10 a.m., coppery taste in mouth lasting all day, at same time a peculiar contraction in orifices of salivary glands in cheeks, with clear saliva and teeth on edge; after eating all goes off for 1/2 h., but recommences and continues till 4 p.m., with taste as though a copper coin was in mouth. 3 p.m., boring in right side of crown, then on left side of frontal bone, in left ankle-joint; lower lip is chapped in middle (never had this before), at same time smarting burning pain when touched with tongue, but also when not touched. 4:30, p.m., ate some salted milk soup, and had then a strong copper taste that made the throat feel sore and set teeth on edge. 10 p.m., tension in roots of left teeth when sitting. As yesterday, drawing from above left clavicle towards shoulder and nape when sitting. This symptom had occurred several times during d., also when walking. Moving painful parts gave some relief, but sometimes it increased the pain. -28th, 8 a.m., 25 dr. 9 a.m., pressure in right wrist-joint, then in left when sitting. Shooting in tip of right toes. Violent stitches in left eyeball, burning in tongue. Same pain as yesterday on left side of nape and above left clavicle, when sitting, lasting long. 5 p.m., boring on dorsum of right foot and (7 p.m.) in left tibia. 7:30 p.m., cutting pain in a small spot of skin of right cheek. Tearing across skull; boring round about the right ankle-joint. Cutting in skin above left knee. – 29th, 6 a.m., in bed, pressure in left, then in right wrist-joint. Shooting in left toes continued. 6:30 a.m., 25 dr. Continued metallic taste, flow of saliva, and teeth on edge, heat in cheek and ears. Smarting in lower lip. Pain in skin above left knee like day before yesterday. 7 a.m., wandering pains in forehead. 8 a.m., pressure in left knee when at rest, in left ankle-joint, left side of nape repeatedly, also at 10 p.m. Shooting in right eyeball, then deep in throat repeatedly. Shooting in tips of left toes, then severe cutting pain in tips of right toes when sitting. -30th. Last n. woke by burning in edges of eyelids. 5:30 a.m., in bed, very painful pressure in both forearms when at rest. 5 p.m., repeated burning in tip of tongue and lower lip. Tension in right finger- roots. Severe shooting in right eyeball repeatedly. Tearing in right sole and in skin above left knee. 7 p.m., boring above right eye, on left tibia. -1st Dec. Same symptoms. – 2nd, 6:45 a.m., 30 dr. of a sol. of 1 gr. Aurum m. n. in 3ij water. 7 a.m., pressure in knees when sitting repeatedly. 8 a.m., boring deep in left cheek, on tibia, sometimes very painful. Tension often in roots of fingers. Great boring on both sides of right tendo Achilles when sitting, drawing from right sole to tips of toes when sitting. 8:30 a.m., boring behind left ear, above right eye, pressure in both wrists when at rest. Smarting pain in right ala nasi and in skin of left cheek, with drawing. 9 a.m., boring in right sole, in right ankle-joint, when standing. Pressing in right elbow-joint. On moving quickly, quick, small, irregular heart’s beats with oppression, scraping in fauces and considerable flow of saliva. From 10 to 12, noon, a half- metallic, half-sweet taste, with copious flow of saliva. Repeated boring on both sides of right tendo Achilles, also when walking. 12:30 p.m., when standing, several small hard heart’s beats with feeling of pressure and interrupted breathing. Shooting in finger-tips, repeated tearing in roots of fingers and tibia. From 7:30 taste of copper, flow of saliva, teeth on edge. Contraction in orifices of salivary ducts for some hours. 8:30, when sitting, irregular heart’s beats with obligation to breathe deeply. Boring in nasal bones, frontal bone, dorsum of right foot. Drawing in lower incisors. 9 a.m., boring in right finger-joints. 10 p.m., shooting in skin above right knee; repeated severe burning in tip of tongue; frequent boring in nasal bones and above eyes, also on right side of nose. 10:30 p.m., tickling in larynx and dry cough. -9th, 7 a.m. 30 dr. 7:30 a.m., coppery taste repeatedly during d. Severe boring in left upper maxilla, right ankle-joint, dorsum of right foot, left temple, right tibia, also in e. Severe needle pricks in tip of right little finger. When walking slowly, cardiac symptoms like yesterday. Frequent tickling in larynx and dry cough, also e. Tension in roots of fingers and toes, also 11 p.m.-10th, 6 a.m., in bed, severe boring in left side of frontal bone, immediately afterwards in right big toe. 7 a.m., 30 dr. 7:30, tension in right finger-roots, stitches in right eye; burning in tip of tongue, copper taste, flow of saliva. 9 a.m., drawing and boring in frontal bone repeatedly, in left toes, in left shoulder. Shooting in skin of left calf when sitting. Tearing in left side of skull, in left side of nape. Severe shooting in tips of right toes; boring behind ears repeatedly. Heart symptoms as before, when moving gently. 3 p.m., severe boring in left side of nose, burning pain in skin of nape. 6 p.m., pressure in right wrist-joint, left forearm, frequently, worst when at rest. Coppery taste all day and more or less flow of saliva, goes off when eating and returns thereafter. Drawing in dorsal vertebra frequently, in right elbow-joint, in left toes. 7 p.m., stitches deep in ear, severe boring in lower part of right tibia, then in left big toe when sitting; shooting in skin above right knee; repeated burning in lower lip. -11th, 6 a.m., in bed, boring in left side of forehead and in right ankle- joint. Later burning in tip of tongue. In course of day same symptoms as yesterday. -12th. Symptoms in joints, wandering pain in left thoracic wall, when at rest. Severe boring in left side of parietal bone, deep into left eye; burning in tip of tongue. When walking irregular heart beats causing anxiety. Between 2 and 4 p.m., when sitting, the former symptoms, boring, pressure in tibia, knees, sudden very violent scraping in larynx, violent dry cough so that he retches, and then some of the symptoms in the limbs when sitting and writing; burning in skin of right calf and lower inner side of right upper arm. 4 p.m., spasmodic cough again. In evening the limb-symptoms. -13th. The same symptoms, only seldom, more severe in evening -14th, 6:45 a.m., 20 dr. of a sol. of 3 gr. in 3ss water; 7 a.m., strong taste of copper, afterwards sweet, teeth on edge, flow of saliva. The taste continues during breakfast, lasts all d. 8 a.m., boring in left tibia, burning in skin of left calf, drawing in skin on left side of nape. Burning in tip of tongue, in skin of right axilla, in skin of right side of nape, pressure and drawing in right knee, right foot, always getting worse, makes him move about, which relieves, in left ankle-joint, in muscles of left side of back, in right shoulder. 8:45 a.m., 20 dr. Repeated burning in skin of left calf. Boring in right tibia, in left cheek, in frontal bone, burning in tongue. Cutting and boring in lower incisors and towards knees at 6 p.m., in left big toe, at 9 p.m., in frontal bone, near nose on right side; burning in tip of left little finger. -15th, 7 a.m., 30 dr. Burning in skin of left side of nape repeatedly, pressure in wrist and elbow-joints, also e. Heat in sinciput, burning in frontal bones, also later. Repeated shooting in right axilla when at rest, also later. 8 a.m., coppery taste commenced, less marked than yesterday. Burning in tip of tongue, severe boring on left side of frontal bone, so that left eye closes involuntarily at 3 p.m. repeatedly. Cracking in cervical vertebra on moving head. The above heart symptoms when walking at 6 p.m. Burning in lower lip. Severe boring in right heel-bone continued, at 10:30 p.m., above right knee, then above right elbow. Very painful cutting traversing left side of skull. -16th, 6 a.m., in bed. Repeated boring just below right knee and tearing on left side of skull. 6:30 a.m., boring several times in left knee, when standing. 7 a.m., 30 dr. Immediately, nausea, several times boring in left upper maxilla. Frequent tearing in various parts of skull. Stitches in left eye. Boring behind left ear. 8 a.m., sweetish coppery taste. Small, quick heart’s beats when standing, pulse 100, also when sitting, with obligation to breathe, deeper, this lasts till 9 a.m.; at 11 a.m., the same when walking. Frequent stitches in left eye, joint-pains as above, burning in and under tongue. Constant acrid burning in skin of back of right hand, also the always painless corns have shooting pains when sitting in easy shoes. Burning in skin of nape, in skin of right hip at 9 p.m. Shooting in skin of left cheek-17th, 8:30 a.m., 40 dr. Leaving out the usual symptoms the most remarkable were: heat in head and face. Heart symptoms as when sitting. Very severe boring in frontal bone, frequently, especially above eyes. Frequent burning in tongue. Severe shooting in left side of lower lip at 5 p.m.-18th, 7 a.m., 30 dr. Boring in tibia, frontal bone, left upper jaw, burning in tongue, coppery taste. Bruised pain in right elbow-joint. Stitches in left thoracic wall, not affected by breathing. Burning in skin of left calf. Boring in left heel-bone, on dorsum of foot, in left scapula. Drawing in toes. Boring in left lower jaw, behind right ear, in lower part of left forearm, in left zygoma. The former heart symptoms with tight breath, several times when sitting; severe shooting in left finger-tips, below left axilla, in balls of feet. E., when walking, the above heart symptoms frequently. 10 p.m., painful burning in knees when sitting. Since this m. the m. m. behind upper incisors red, swollen, painful, especially when touched and when warm or salt food is taken. This state lasts d. and n. still 21st Dec. The place then looked yellow with red border. On 22nd the part had the appearance of a yellow blister with red border, the redness spread towards the left side of palate, the pain of it woke him up at n. On 24th the part was of a rose redness, painful when touched, and felt rough and swollen. On 26th all was well. 18th, 11 p.m., the same spasmodic cough as before. In bed, at 11:30, painful boring in right tibia and fine shooting in frontal bone, –19th, 7 a.m., 25dr. 9 a.m., pressure in left hip-joint when sitting. Severe burning in tongue, boring in tibia. Burning and drawing in left side of nape. Boring in lower part of left forearm. Burning in skin of left cheek. Boring in roots of right fingers. Much burning of tongue and boring in frontal bone, uninterrupted till n. 8 p.m., severe boring in right knee. Painful shooting and burning in ball of right foot, in left of nape.- 20th. Same symptoms. Boring in nasal bones and right side of nose. Burning in skin of right axilla. Severe boring in tibiae, knees, first phalanx of left zygoma, when at rest. 11:30 a.m., pulsation in lower lip and a feeling as if middle of lip was swollen, for some m. 12:30 p.m., boring deep in right ear when walking. 6 p.m. heart palpitation as above when sitting. Frequent pressure in shoulder-joints. Sharp shooting in red of upper lip lasting long, nothing to be seen. Touching the part causes shooting. 6:30 p.m., burning in skin on left side of nose continued. Frequent boring in knees when sitting, in left finger-roots. Shooting and burning in edges of eyelids. Dull pressure betwixt sternum and right nipple.- 21st. Boring near the nose, in left malar bone, left heel-bone. Drawing in left toes. Often when walking cardiac symptoms; small, quick, irregular heart’s beats with deep breathing, and involuntary mood to stand still, this lasts a few m. Tickling in larynx. Great burning in and under tongue’s tip, repeatedly. frequent boring in frontal bone. Drawing, in nose from the tip to the top, also on both sides of nose with sensation as if the nose and surrounding parts were swollen, lasts 1/4 h. Soon afterwards shooting in toes. 7 a.m., burning in upper lip. Boring in knees when sitting, in right wrist. 8 a.m., much boring in right ankle joint, then in right shoulder, in left, in right side of frontal bone, repeatedly later. in the n. the pain in nape was so severe that it woke him, as it had done several times in n. Shooting and burning in right axilla. 11 p.m. very painful shooting in some finger-joints, in left knee. –23rd. M., some limb symptoms. Drawing in right cheek. Much burning in and under tongue. 3 p.m., the joint and bone pains increase as before. Severe burning in left ala nasi at 4 p.m.–24th. The limb pains and burning in tongue began in m. as usual. In n. much short dry cough. –25th. Same symptoms. Much shooting in right thoracic wall. E., When at rest, symptoms aggravated. –26th, m., shooting in right toe. Burning in skin of right knee. Boring in right upper maxilla, in left knee. Several d. cracking in cervical vertebrae when moving head, great boring in occiput at 4 p.m.–27th and 28th. Same symptoms, but slighter. Cold and heat did not aggravate the symptoms; at n. the symptoms were hardly observed; aggravations occurred from 3 to 4 p.m. and lasted till bedtime and returned m. on rising. Rest aggravated. Digestion and urine were normal during the whole proving. No effect on sexual system. Remarkable are the effects on tongue, lips, nose, skin and heart, also the spasmodic cough. The general health and disposition were quite unaffected. The distinct and continued coppery taste was very striking. (Ibid. xi, pp. 17-29)

Richard Hughes
Dr. Richard Hughes (1836-1902) was born in London, England. He received the title of M.R.C.S. (Eng.), in 1857 and L.R.C.P. (Edin.) in 1860. The title of M.D. was conferred upon him by the American College a few years later.

Hughes was a great writer and a scholar. He actively cooperated with Dr. T.F. Allen to compile his 'Encyclopedia' and rendered immeasurable aid to Dr. Dudgeon in translating Hahnemann's 'Materia Medica Pura' into English. In 1889 he was appointed an Editor of the 'British Homoeopathic Journal' and continued in that capacity until his demise. In 1876, Dr. Hughes was appointed as the Permanent Secretary of the Organization of the International Congress of Homoeopathy Physicians in Philadelphia. He also presided over the International Congress in London.