Proving Symptoms of homeopathy medicine Asafoetida, described by Richard Hughes in his book, A Cyclopedia of Drug Pathogenesis, published in 1895….


Ferula Asafoetida, L. Nat Ord., Umbelliferae. The gum- resin, obtained by incision from the living root, is the part employed.


1. FRANZ. [This is a pathogenesis consisting of symptoms from Hahnemann, Gross, Gutmann, Stapf, and Franz himself. Their contributions, however, are not distinguished, and no information is given as to how the drug was taken. -EDS.]

Immediately, tensive shooting in right upper arm, from above out at inner side. After 1/4 h., weakness in head. Superficial twitching on inner side of left thigh. After 1/2 h., pressure in right side of face from within outwards. Pressive shooting pain in right lower ribs, extending to flank of that side. Attacks of slight pinching in hypogastrium. Drawing pressive pain with tightness of chest. Slight twitching in right big toe. After 3/4 h., obtuse pressure in sternum; going off on in-and expiration, but returning while writing. After 1 h., pressure externally in forehead. In region of eyebrow cramp-like drawing across. Pinching in bowels with discharge of flatus. Obtuse shooting in left shoulder. Twitching in left shoulder. Boring pressure on inner side of left forearm, from within outwards. Pressive pain under right calf, goes off on walking. After 1 1/4 h., pressure in right temple. After 1 1/2 h., painless rumbling in bowels. After 1 3/4 h., pressive pain in right side of forehead, from within outwards. After 2 h., sharp shooting near penis in pubes. Fine burning stitches in and behind right scapula, towards ribs. Pressure in right side of nape. Fine tensive stitches in right shoulder-joint towards inside. Quivering in deltoid. Pressure on outer side of left forearm. Twitching of muscles of left thigh. Sharp outward shooting in right tibia. Quivering in left sole towards toes. After 2 1/4 h., burning shooting in left eye. After 2 1/2 h., pressure in forehead with exhaustion of whole body. Pressure in left ear. Fine sharp stitches in navel. Violent stitch in hypogastrium. Diarrhea with bellyache. Pressive pain in right scapula. After 3 h., whirling in head. Tensive drawing in left upper arm on its inside. Violent tearing pressive pain in whole right leg, less when walking. After 3 1/2 h., sharp stitches externally in left side of belly, removed by rubbing. After 4 h., crawling pricking in umbilical region. Quivering in deltoid. Twitching in muscles on outer side of left upper arm. Burning shooting in right patella. Sharp shooting runs down left tibia on inner side. Sharp shooting on dorsum of right foot, goes off on walking. After 4 1/2 h., pricking burning in left cheek. Drawing shooting pain in left side of chest. Weak movements in left intercostal muscles. After 5 h., pressive pain in forehead, from within outwards. Itching in skin of abdomen below navel. Itching pricking in skin in right side of hypogastrium. Flatus with diarrhoea. Pressive stitches in right thoracic cavity, followed by pricks, with pressive pain in ribs near spine. Pressure in left intercostal muscles from within outwards, aggravated by inspiring and expiring. Fine stitch from right loin to ribs. Quivering in muscles of right thigh. After 5 1/2 h., burning in left eyeball as from within outwards. After 6 h., pressive pain in forehead. Pinching in bowels. Stitch in right ribs. Tiresome backache, especially under scapulae. Backache in right side. Itching pricking in left tibia in front below the knee; goes off on walking. After 7 h., burning in right elbow- joint, on its outer side. After 8 h., pressive shooting in back of right hand. Pressure on roots of middle and index fingers of right hand. After 9 h., quivering in left shoulder-joint towards outer side. Pressure on inner side of thumb. After 9 1/2 h., pressure on left side of occiput. After 11 h., rumbling in bowels. After 12 h., burning in right eyeball. Dryness in esophagus; when swallowing, tension there. Shooting pinching in left side of belly. After 21 h., pressive pain out at navel. After 23 h. Quivering shooting in left side of belly, when in- and expiring. Cutting pinching in bowels. Twitching in right cervical muscles. After 24 h., pressure in left cheek. Stitches in region of diaphragm, right side. Obtuse stitches externally in left scapula. Tensive stitch in dorsal muscles of left side, from below upwards. Fine stitches in right 3rd toe, when walking. After 25 h., quivering in right thigh anteriorly. After 26 h., tensive burning in right eyeball, pressive pain in right side of chest, from within outwards. Tensive shooting in left loin continuing during in-and expiration, going off when walking. Fine pricks like needles about left loin. Stitches in left shoulder-joint, from within outwards. Shooting pain on inside of left upper arm. Fine stitch on elbow. After 27 h., pinching sharp stitches on right inner side of ribs. Itching of skin on patella. After 29 h., burning pricking in navel. Pain in back, especially in right scapula. Pressive pain from right wrist to right index. Obtuse stitches in right glutei muscles. Quivering in inner side of right knee-joint. Obtuse shooting in left ankle-joint on inner side. After 30 h., pressive pain in right side of head. Can work no longer on account of backache. Itching in right knee-joint on its inner side. Unusual desire to sleep. Out of humour and disinclined to work. After 31 h., pressure in nose as though it would burst, especially in right ala. After 32 h., pressive shooting in sternum from within outwards. After 34 h., pressive pain in middle of sternum with a kind of nausea up from chest. Twitching sensation in internal muscles of left upper arm. After 36 h., coryza. Quivering in left knee-joint on its inner side. On left tibia pressure, going off on moving. Quivering in right ankle-joint inferiorly. After 37 h., pressive pain in left intercostal muscles from within outwards. After 41 h., boring shooting in left loin from within outwards, going off on in- and expiration. After 42 h., itching in right scapula. Quivering in muscles of left scapula. Itching pricking under right inner ankle, goes off on rubbing. Digging in inner side of left foot. After 43 h., boring shooting on inner surface of right upper arm, not going off by movement. After 45 h., pressure in left side of head from within outwards. Digging pressive shooting in left loin from within outwards to ribs, with anxiety. Obtuse stitch from thumb towards back of hand. After 46 h., pressive pain in right sole when sitting. After 47 h., boring obtuse stitches in left side of ribs outwards, when inspiring and expiring. After 48 h., quivering in left shoulder-joint towards inside. Burning stitch on outer side of right upper arm. Twitching drawing in left thigh. Pressive pain in dorsum of left foot when sitting. After 49 h., itching in right eye. Pressive pain in right ear. Transient stitches in right side of back. Quivering of anterior muscles of thigh in upper half. Itching creeping on under surface at right big toe. Burning pressure at root of left big toe. After 54 h., cutting pain under right scapula. After 58 h., tensive stitches in left pectoral muscles. After 60 h., needle pricks externally in penis. After 61 h, burning drawing in right intercostal muscles. Fine stitch in left knee when sitting. After 62 h., burning in left eyebrow. Burning stitches in right eyeball. Obtuse stitches outwards in left side of abdomen, with flatulence. After 63 h., along with constriction of throat pressure in chest. Obtuse stitches in left ribs. Sharp shooting burning in tip of left index. After 64 h., shooting in thoracic cavity extending to fauces, when standing and sitting. Pressive beating in thoracic cavity extending to fauces when standing and sitting. Fine stitch in elbow. Fine long stitch in bend of elbow. After 66 h. itching in dorsum of foot. After 67 h., digging shooting outwards from diaphragm to left hypochondrium when inspiring and expiring. After 68 h., pressure in left temple from within outwards. Pressive shooting in right upper arm on its inner surface from within outwards. Quivering in right glutei muscles. Burning pricking in left little toe. After 69 h., pressure in thoracic cavity out towards right side. After 70 h., shooting in left side of belly from within outwards. After 72 h., itching in right cheek. Tensive burning in left calf. Ist d., rush of blood to head with heat of face. Headache as if muddled in head, during which attention is apt to be overstrained. Confusion of head with pressure in temples. In forenoon obtuseness of senses, especially of hearing; he hears nothing distinctly, has always to ask twice. Great feeling of dryness of mouth, though he has moisture enough in it. Drawing down along left side of neck when moving. Loathing at beer, it tastes slimy. Perceptible pulsation in pit of stomach. Soon after eating pressure in gastric region. Violent pressive pain in pit of stomach towards hepatic region, when sitting. Sudden violent jerky stitch from right side of abdomen outwards, from within to external integuments. Stitches in left side of belly when walking. Contracting pain under navel when standing. When walking after dinner, twisting pain in abdomen. Drinking disagrees with him, causes immediately weight and cooling sensation in bowels. In iliac region, on drawing in abdominal muscles, a pressive pain. On bending chest forward pressure on lower part of sternum. Drawing pressive pain along 4th and 5th last dorsal, and Ist lumbar vertebra, as if along their bodies. Pressive sacral pain, especially when bending the body back and forward. Stitches along sacral bone, down to anus. Pain in perineum, as if something blunt pressed out there. Stitches in latissimus dorsi near upper arm. At outer end of clavicle, when sitting, a pressive pain. Drawing pain about head of humerus, when he held arm still, with a kind of trembling over-excitement (as after a great debauch) in its muscles which he must always keep moving. Tearing pains up along forearm, on moving fingers. Tearing in left femur when sitting. Drawing pressive pain in tendons of hough on stretching them. Great weariness when moving; as long as he lies or sits still he feels strong, except a feeling of faintness when his mouth becomes dry. In afternoon, flushing of heat on cheeks. -2nd d., sensation in brain under upper part of frontal bone, like undulation and quivering, m. Near frontal protuberance externally, continued burning pricking, with pain like ulceration, relieved by touching, but immediately returning. Pressure in both eyes. Bellyache in upper abdomen as if chilled, and as if diarrhoea would come on, with a kind of bulimy. In m., feeling in gastric region and whole abdomen, as if all were bruised there, with feeling of fulness in stomach and eructations. Pulsation in pit of stomach, perceptible to finger. After eating, pressure in gastric region, with great faintness. On merely compressing abdomen, pressure in lower part of stomach (xiphoid cartilage) with nausea and feeling of fulness in pit of stomach. Shooting outwards in both sides of belly after eating when sitting, going off by pressing on it. Across abdomen, pinching drawing when sitting, with obtuse stitches going outwards in left side of belly. In left side of hypogastrium violent shooting and drawing that extends along inside of os ilii, when sitting, m. After eating, tension in abdomen, as if he had over-reached himself. Sensation of great discomfort in whole abdomen, with great weight in it and pressure in its sides, m. Crossness and anxiety, which seem to come from abdomen, when he has a little difficulty in fixing his attention, m. Soon after dinner, when lying, great oppression of chest with pressure and throbbing in it. Stitches and pressure on chest when lying, with very difficult, sobbing, jerky inspiration, going off on pressing on chest with the hand, and when sitting up. Drawing along left side of neck downwards on moving. Paralytic drawing pain along left shoulder and down upper arm, when at rest. Tearing stitches upwards, followed by burning, in right forearm when at rest. In the wrist bones, pain as if beaten. Pressive drawing in bones of wrist and instep on moving. When lying and at rest, drawing pressure, on backs of fingers, and blows from forearm to elbow.

No time given. -Dizzy. Stupefying tension in head, especially left side. Brain feels very expanded. Slight headache in forehead. Drawing, undulating pressure through left half of forehead, ending in a numb pressure on frontal protuberance. Under right frontal protuberance a slow intermitting pain, like beating outwards. Feeling of tensive confusion and oppressive weight of forehead (after olfaction). Fine needle pricks in left frontal protuberance. Under right frontal protuberance single quick and deep stitches, like blows, and sensitiveness remains there afterwards. Feeling of pressure on crown. In right parietal bone, pain as from a peg pressed in deep. On left side of head a pressure coming on suddenly, quickly increasing, as from a blunt instrument pressed in; goes off suddenly. A couple of fine superficial pricks on right side of top of head. In right side of head, above ear, a drawing, that changes into a simple shooting. In left temple, intermitting inward-pressure almost like beating inwards. Above right temple, a sudden transient obtuse pressure. In left temple, suddenly, a pain like a sharp peg pressed in. Single deep stitches in left temple. Slow successive obtuse stitches in left temple. On outer border of left orbit, dull pressure. In upper eyelid, frequently a quivering movement. A transient numb pressure on middle of left upper eyelid. For 2 d., periodical burning in eyes, and compression of eyelids as if sleep would come. Tiresome dryness and dry feeling of eyes. A kind of dimness of eyes; when writing, the letters are dimmer as if a slight veil were over them; goes off after vomiting. On various parts of face, e.g. in zygoma, nasal bones, painless tension, with a kind of numb feeling. Slight transient drawing on outer border of right concha. Repeated short drawing in both external meatus auditorii. Clear ringing in ear. On rami of lower jaw, sometimes a transient pain like prolonged cramp. On left angle of chin, in a small space, a numb pressure, extending to the tooth exactly opposite. Intermitting pinching in upper abdomen. Visible pulsations in pit of stomach. Burning in abdomen. Pain in perineum as if something blunt pressed out there. Increased discharge of flatus. Pinching in belly with discharge of flatus. Slight, sometimes almost quite involuntary discharge of flatus, which he hardly notices. More frequent stools than usual. For 3 d., two to three loose stools daily with bellyache. For 4 successive d., three to four diarrhoeic stools with bellyache. Violent sneezing several times during d. In trachea, so choky that he must frequently cough, and the cough is hoarse. After dinner, stitches in region of last true rib on right side, and oppression of chest. Below right axilla anteriorly, a pressing inwards, increasing in fits, without oppression of breathing. Boring stitches in left thoracic cavity from within outwards, equally felt when in and expiring, and continued. Below left axilla, some fine superficial, but acute, needle-pricks. Below left axilla, a transient inward pressure. In left scapula, repeated transient drawing. Burning in dorsal vertebra, more towards left side of back. Quivering in muscles of lower half of back when sitting. Needle-pricks in all intercostal muscles, when sitting. In the region of short ribs, round about over the back, a jerking constriction. Tearing sacral pain when sitting. In left upper arm, near shoulder-joint, intermitting cramp-like pressure. In slow intermissions, on inside of left forearm, cramp-like drawing radiating upwards. Obtuse shooting on inner side of right forearm. Cramp-like twitching in right forearm downwards, with feeling as if hand would get numb. Scraping sensation on ulnar side of wrist. A pain that becomes occasionally stronger on outer side of left. wrist, at side of thumb. On metacarpal bone of left middle finger a kind of numb pain, as if a heavy body lay upon it. In the flesh between metacarpal bones of left thumb and index, cramp-like pain. Cramp- like painful twitching in metacarpal bone of left thumb. In right palm a dull pain as from a body pressing on it, with sensation as if hand would become numb. On right thumb a transient cramp-like pain, not interfering with its movements; soon afterwards in left thumb. On moving fingers, tearing pains up along forearm. Burning on anterior surface of thigh when sitting. Pains in flesh of right thigh, as if a sharp body were sticking in it. On outer surface of left thigh, on a small spot just below hip-joint, dull but painful pulsating stitches. Tensive drawing in right thigh on its inner side. On outer side of thigh paralytic drawing pain when sitting. A restlessness (trembling) in thigh and leg when sitting, like the violent pulsation of the arteries after a pedestrian journey. On inner surface of left thigh superiorly, painful twitching in slow fits. On anterior surface of left thigh near knee, repeated undulating twitching. Pressive pain behind left patella. Stitches in knee near patella when sitting, the latter pains when touched as if sore and ulcerated. In upper part of knee, on a small spot, burning pain, which sometimes changes into burning pecking. Quivering on outer side of left knee-joint. General twitching in muscles at upper part of right tibia. In left leg (when one is crossed over other and hangs down) feeling as if it would become numb. Legs easily go to sleep where their nerves are ever so slightly pressed, e.g. when he crosses his leg while sitting the other leg goes to sleep immediately. On right instep, tension as from a tight boot in irregular fits. On inner side of left foot painful intermitting beating. In ball of left sole, feeling as if had stood long on it. In left big toe occasionally a painful pecking. In left big toe a simple sometimes pecking pain, when at rest or when moving. Painful pecking in tip of big toe. Needle-pricks. Fine superficial, bit painful pricks as with pins here and there, must rub. On several parts of limbs transient cramp-like drawing, like twitching. Feeling of heaviness of whole body. Feeling of general exhaustion, the limbs fall down heavily and limply, and head is dizzy. Sleep full of dreams of things formerly done, or spoken of. Gay dreams of company and feasting. After dinner, febrile state, with hot feeling in face, no thirst, but anxiety and drowsiness. Very irritable and again indifferent to everything. (Archiv., i.)

2. LEMBKE. 16th March, 1868, 3 p.m., 5 grs. in water. 4 p.m., pressure and heaviness in forehead. Frequent pressure in shoulders, most in right, in knees, most in right, when sitting. Wandering shooting pains in knees and ankle-joints when sitting, sometimes changing into feeling of pressure. Heat in cheeks and forehead, with weight, 5 p.m. Frequent collection of saliva in mouth, teeth or edge. Shooting in joints of some fingers. Drawing and pressure in occiput. Drawing pain in right cervical muscles. Pressure in muscles of right upper arm. During the continued heat in face and forehead, chills in back and cold hands, 5:30 p.m. Drawing here and there in muscles of right thigh. Constant eructation of air with garlic taste. Drawing in muscles of left scapula. Severe pressure in joint of left thumb and later in joints of other fingers. When sitting frequent slight palpitation of heart, more like a trembling of heart. Shooting in right calf and like pinching, lasting long. Then the same pain in muscles above right knee. Pressure in sternum; also when walking pressure in ankle-joints and knees. The other pains repeated and alternating all e. The heat of face continues till 7 p.m., and ears very hot externally. Frequent drawing in forehead, 7 p.m. Especially severe pressive pain in right ankle-joint when walking, lasting long and recurring; and in left ankle-joint the same pain occurs later, also when sitting, but worse when walking. Severe boring above left eyebrow, 7:30 p.m., then the same r. Towards 8 p.m. the symptoms gradually go off. -17th, 6:30 a.m., pressure in knees and muscles of right upper arm. 8 a.m., 6 grs. Pressure in knees and wrist-joints. Pressive pain in left thumb-joint. The urine passed smells distinctly of asafoetida. Pressive pain in muscles of inner side of right thigh, in right ankle-joint, repeatedly, also attacking left ankle-joint, both when sitting and walking. Drawing pain in right toes. Heat in face, 8:30 a.m. Frequent eructation of air with taste of asafoetida. Pressive pains in shoulder-joints. Drawing pain in occiput. Pressive pain in knees and ankle-joints when walking. Pressive drawing pains under left border of ribs when walking, and in muscles of scapula. Pains in knees particularly acute and long-lasting, and very often in joint of left thumb, 9 a.m. Tearing pains frequently in forehead. Pressure in left side of thorax, in elbow-joints, under left scapula, in hands, shoulders, &c. Severe shooting in right calf when sitting and walking. Cutting in abdomen when walking and sitting, 1 p.m. Whilst walking and sitting the pains in knees, ankle-joints, and muscles of thighs. Same pains in joints of upper extremities and below left border of ribs, also in left scapula. Frequent tearing in forehead and occiput. Repeated shooting in urethra also observed yesterday e. During e. the pains came in limbs, forehead, and occiput. At 9 p.m. all pains gone, n. good. -18th, 6:30 a.m., 7 grs. Soon heat in cheeks. Pressive pain in right ankle-joint, and elbow. Pressure on top of head and right side of forehead over eye. Drawing pains in occiput and shoulders. Drawing in skin of whole outer surface of left leg several times, 7 a.m. and later. Drawing in fingers, muscles of scapula, thighs, and right cheek. Above pains in joints return. Drawing in calves. Frequent eructation of air with taste of drug, 8:30 a.m. Drawing in several finger-joints, back of wrist, and feet. Moving affected joints aggravates pain. These symptoms repeatedly. Tearing in right temple. Shooting drawing pains in right knee and above it, worse when walking. Much shooting in jerks, especially in joints of left little finger, aggravated by movement. All d. when walking several of above pains. Pains less in e. At 6 p.m. severe pressure in wrist-joints and temples. Drawing in occiput, later in right ankle-joint, repeatedly. At 8 p.m. severe drawing in lower incisors. Pressure in shoulders, dorsum of foot, and in joints formerly affected, but less severe. -19th, 6 a.m., after rising, pressure in forehead, drawing in muscles of right forearm and muscles of left cheek. Pressure on right tibia and left calf. Drawing and pressure on different parts of forehead. 7:30 a.m., 6 grs. Drawing in scapular muscles, toes, hands, nape, occiput, repeatedly. Pressure in knees and above them, in bones of foot when sitting, and in forehead. Great heat in cheeks 8 a.m., felt also externally; great heat in ears, which burn and are red, muscae volitantes. Severe drawing on left tibia. Pressure in and on right side of sternum, in bones above forehead. Along with heat in face, cold hands and feet with chilliness in back, 8:30 a.m., continues till 9 a.m. Continued drawing in muscles of right thigh, it then goes into knee and down to ankle-joint, where it causes pressure which extends into the knee, when sitting. The pains in lower extremities also when walking. Repetition of former symptoms. At 2 p.m., 7 grs. Besides above symptoms, pressure and drawing in bones of head, knees, and toes. At 2:30 p.m. heat in face, sinciput, ears, also externally in said parts. Shooting and itching in eyelids. The other pains in joints, thorax, and dorsal muscles increase. Pressure in joint of right big toe and above right wrist on its back. Shooting in skin of right forearm, 4 p.m. Along with continued heat of face and ears, and with warm hands, chilliness in back, 4 p.m. Soon after hands become ice-cold, the cold in back increases and continues, with slow pulse, continued pressive pains in joints of toes, hands, feet, and knees, shooting in tips of toes, in skin of right axilla, on right cheek. At 5 p.m. the cold in back begins to lessen and hands become warmer. Later the former symptoms recur. At 10:30 p.m. in bed, repeated severe pressure in right wrist- joint and then in right temple-20th. The same pains and pressure in nape at 6 a.m. in bed, immediately after waking; after rising pressure in left knee, then in right tibia, then in left ankle- joint when walking; on stooping severe shooting below left scapula. Shooting in toes, pressure in muscles of scapula and in shoulder-joints, increased by moving 7 a.m. Drawing in several parts of bones of head, in feet, forearms, alternately here and there, in wrist-joints, quickly jumping from one place to another, in dorsum of feet, in calves, in temples. Shooting in skin on outer surface of left thigh. Numb pressure in temples and shoulders. Drawing in nape muscles. 7:30 a.m., 7 grs. Drawing pains in all finger-joints. Soon heat in face, burning in cheeks and ears, heat in nape and occiput, and constant obtuse pressure in region of lumbar vertebra, and wandering pains in joints. Shooting in skin of forehead, of right thigh, drawing in calves. Much eructation of air with taste of drug. Drawing and shooting round about left ear, repeatedly. 8 a.m., muscae volitantes. Drawing in right side of lower jaw, 8:30 a.m., then in right side of forehead. Drawing behind left ear. Shooting in skin of left cheek, then of r. Pressure under left border of ribs anteriorly. At 9 a.m. hands begin to grow cold and there is chilliness in back, the pains continue uninterruptedly, now here, now there, with heat of head and face. Severe pressure in some dorsal vertebra, 9 a.m. Some bruised pain in elbows and shoulder-joints. 3 p.m., 7 grs. The former symptoms repeated. Sometimes slight shoots in urethra. 3:30 p.m., heat in head, face, and ears, with external heat of these parts, muscae volitantes. Pressure in forehead, drawing in left side of lower jaw, in shoulders, fingers, toes, and their joints. Shooting and itching in borders of eyelids, 4 p.m. Drawing in muscles of legs. Shooting in tip of tongue and pressure in joint of lower jaw. Along with outward heat and pressure in head there occurred, about 5 p.m., a transient attack of confusion when sitting and reading, followed by recurrence of heat in head, but soon afterwards there was chilliness in back, whilst face, head, ears and hands were still hot, especially the heat in eyes and cheeks, with itching, pricking, and burning in eyelids, especially r. Then the coldness in back increased, went to arms and legs, hands became cold, a shivering through whole body, nails blue, much saliva in mouth, and occasional eructation with taste of drug. 5:30 p.m., uncomfortable feeling in pit of stomach like pressure, not exactly painful, crawling in skin of back, pressure and drawing in the above parts of limbs and head. The coldness lasted till 6 p.m., but the hands got warm. Chilliness and heat went off by 6:30 p.m. Towards evening all the symptoms diminished. -21st., 7:30 a.m., 10 grs. The pains came on more severely, especially those in knees, shoulders, and bones of head. At 8 a.m. heat and burning in cheeks, with increase of former pains. At 8:30 a.m. coldness of hands with blue nails, with continuance of heat of face and head, visible twitching of right lower eyelid, shooting in tip of tongue, pressure on sternum, chilliness in back, wandering pains. Pressure in left ankle-joint for a long time while walking. 3 p.m., took 2 teaspoonfuls of an emulsion made with 1 drachm of asafet. (quantity of excipient in emulsion not stated, hence dose of asaf. not given). Soon heat, not only in head but feeling of heat along back, and increase of the well- known pains, especially in feet, forehead, wrist-joints, knees; boring in right inner canthus, pains worse when sitting than when walking. Drawing and shooting in calves, muscles of arms and here and there, most in flexors. Pressure and weight in head. 4 p.m., 3 teaspoonfuls. Taste loathsome and scraping in mouth-cannot be got rid of. Constant flow of saliva. Chilliness in back, cold hands, drawing in muscles above knee. Pressure in thumb-joints. Feeling of hunger, longing for something strengthening and refreshing. Stronger and weaker flushes of heat in face, with cold hands, severe drawing and pressure here and there in muscles of right thigh, weight and pressure in sinciput and forehead, cheeks and ears extremely hot, with chilliness in back, shooting in tongue. Pressure under left border of ribs anteriorly. Hands alternately warm. Pressure here and there in thoracic walls and dorsal muscles. Some bruised pain in muscles of upper arm, then in wrist-joints, ankle-joints, and very severe in some parts and some attacks. Frequent eructation of air with taste of drug and great flow of saliva. Drawing in finger-joints. Several times alternation of chilliness in back and cold hands with heat, whereby the head is always heavy and with pressive pain in it; slight movement in warm room causes immediately severe chilliness, 5 p.m. On walking up and down room several times there occur chilliness in back, cold feet, cold hands and blue nails. When walking about pressure in right ankle-joint and up to calf. Smarting burning pain in tip of tongue several times, repeated later. Pressive pains, sometimes very severe, on both sides of spine in neighbourhood of short ribs, sometimes aggravated by moving body, repeated later. Urine darker than usual. Frequent burning in right eyelids, drawing pains in joints of lower extremities, frequently. The fever went off at 5:30 p.m., and there remained only a feeling of heat. 6 p.m., 3 teaspoonfuls. Same symptom as before. 9 p.m., 3 teaspoonfuls. Between 6 and 9 p.m., appetite not affected. In fact, during the proving hitherto there has been no disturbance of digestion or stool. After this 9 p.m. dose the same symptoms; among the others visible twitching in upper eyelid, burning in skin on outside of left leg, the pains under border of left ribs. – 22nd, 6:30 a.m., some pain in knees, wrists, fingers, shoulders, pressure in forehead, or on left side of back near short ribs. 7 a.m., 2 teaspoonfuls, which produced the diarrhoea of asaf. The well- known pains come on and leap from one part to another, heat in head and cheeks. 7:15 a.m., stronger pressure in occiput and forehead, on muscles of forearm, in wrists, in left angle of lower jaw. No alteration in stools. 8:15 a.m., coldness as before with the pains in ankles, knees, elbows. Pressing asunder in both temples several times, often very severe. Drawing in toes. Severe wandering pains in occiput. The coldness lasts till 9 a.m. 11 a.m., nausea and hunger at same time. The former symptoms occur all day, are ameliorated in evening, and are gone at n. -23rd, m., immediately after rising pains in knees, ankles, muscles of extremities-these not felt in bed. 7 a.m., 10 grs. asaf. dep. Soon the well-known pains increase. At 7:30 heat in head, face, and ears, muscae volitantes. Increase of pains in finger-joints and nape muscles. 8 a.m., 12 grs. Very great heat of face and head along with the former pain, especially severe pressure in some dorsal vertebra. Burning in border of right eyelid, pressure on zygoma and in muscles of legs, burning in tip of tongue. 8:45, chilliness in back, cool hands, severe pressive pains in knees when walking. 9 a.m., 16 grs. For long time shooting and burning in end of urethra, but not when urinating. Whilst walking same pains as before. 2:30 p.m., 20 grs. 3 p.m., also 20 grs. Increase of heat and pains, especially in back about left short ribs and in joints of legs. Severe pressure in knees and ankle-joints, when sitting. Pressure in frontal bone on different parts, sometimes along with shooting and burning pain. Bruised pain in lower limbs when sitting, especially in knees. Pressure in some toe-joints in shoulder and elbow-joints. Shooting in tips of toes, pressure and drawing in calves. Severe pressure in small spots of skull, 5 p.m. Repetition of the same symptoms, especially drawing in right tibia. 9 p.m., pains much abated, none at n. -24th, 5:30 a.m., after waking in bed tearing in right shoulder and several times in left tibia, after rising in left ankle-joint, toes and finger-joints. Drawing in left calf and left chest. When stooping some pain behind near left short ribs. Several times severe pressure in left shoulder, wrist-joints, muscles of legs. Drawing and pressure in muscles and joints of arms. -25th. On rising the pressive drawing pains in joints of limbs, in skull, calves, muscles of arms, fingers, wrists, return, weaker than yesterday; they occur both when moving and when at rest, more so in latter case. Drawing and pressure in facial bones, sometimes very violent. -26th. Some, but very slight symptoms. -27th, 7 a.m., 3ss. of asaf. In 1/4 h. the heat in head, face, back, and the well-known pains in limbs recommence. 7:30, another 3ss. Among other symptoms especially severe pressure and asunder-pressing in temples, continued. Constant pressure behind near left short ribs, 8:30 a.m. About 9 a.m.. there began chilliness in back, coldness of hands with constant heat of head and face, shivering through limbs. Pressure in frontal bone for several hours, and in maxillary joint. Heaviness in forehead and sinciput lasts all day 3 p.m., 3ss, and 3:30 p.m. another 3ss. Former symptoms repeated. In n. and next m. on rising some pains in joints and skull. – 28th, 7 a.m., 3ss, and the same at 7:15 a.m. Repetition of former symptoms. -29th. Several symptoms, but rarer and weaker, especially drawing and pressure in knees, ankle-joints, skull bones, muscles of limbs, wrists, tibia. On 30th all symptoms gone. (N. Z.f. Hom. Klin., xiii, 129.)

Richard Hughes
Dr. Richard Hughes (1836-1902) was born in London, England. He received the title of M.R.C.S. (Eng.), in 1857 and L.R.C.P. (Edin.) in 1860. The title of M.D. was conferred upon him by the American College a few years later.

Hughes was a great writer and a scholar. He actively cooperated with Dr. T.F. Allen to compile his 'Encyclopedia' and rendered immeasurable aid to Dr. Dudgeon in translating Hahnemann's 'Materia Medica Pura' into English. In 1889 he was appointed an Editor of the 'British Homoeopathic Journal' and continued in that capacity until his demise. In 1876, Dr. Hughes was appointed as the Permanent Secretary of the Organization of the International Congress of Homoeopathy Physicians in Philadelphia. He also presided over the International Congress in London.