Apocynum androsemifolium

Proving Symptoms of homeopathy medicine Apocynum Androsemifolium, described by Richard Hughes in his book, A Cyclopedia of Drug Pathogenesis, published in 1895.


Apocynum androsemifolium, L. Spreading dogbane. Nat Ord., Apocynaceae.


1. Dr. J. H. HENRY and two ladies proved a strong tincture of fresh root simultaneously. All were in good health. “We first took 50 drs. fasting, in morning; two of us had cramps in soles, third violent heat there with profuse general sweat. On 15th each took 100 drs.; all felt cramps and burning in soles, most in my right foot, with great pain in joint of left big toe and heat in r. leg and knee. One lady with myself complained of great fullness with indescribable pain in head. Next m. bowels of all costive. On 16th 150 drs; same symptoms as on 15th, tingling pains in my toes, trembling of body of two provers, most delightful taste in mouth in each, everything smells like honey to me, all complain of pain in different parts of the body, much pain in my r. knee and shoulder. The ladies complain of pain in all teeth of l. lower jaw. On 17th 200 drs.; I alone felt cramps in soles; all other symptoms felt as on 16th; pain and stiffness in back of head and neck; dull boring pain when breathing, seems to go from above downwards. On 18th 250 drs. Bilious painful diarrhea in myself and one of the ladies. On 19th 300 drs. Heaviness of body with great desire to sleep; flying pains all over; pain in head and back of neck; swollen sensation with violent itching of face and body. On 20th each took 350 drops. All above symptoms felt; profuse flow of clear urine; pulsating pain in back of head and between r. hand and elbow; constipation in two; diarrhea in the third with much pain and rumbling, only two evacuations, but large, giving much relief. On 21st each took 40 drops. Much pain all over head; stiffness of neck; pain on turning to l. side; itching and burning of face; most violent pain in all joints; great itching in l. nostril. On 23rd 500 drs. Violent pain in l. zygoma; chilliness, lassitude; heat of head and neck; cannot sleep at night; vivid dreams; sleep not refreshing; shooting pain in l. groin. On 24th 550 drs. Profuse menses, lasting 8 d., with violent pressing pain; other symptoms as before. On 25th 600 drs. Some flying pains in stomach; fullness and pain in right side; increase of all other symptoms, with great pain in all l. side of head and above each wrist. On 26th 650 drs. Some efforts to vomit; pain increased in back of neck, extending to front; worse also above wrists; one prover had four bilious evacuations, another two, the third was constipated. On 27th 1800 drops. All sick, with vomiting, purging, great prostration and trembling of body. (Philad. Journ of Hom., iii, 369.).

Richard Hughes
Dr. Richard Hughes (1836-1902) was born in London, England. He received the title of M.R.C.S. (Eng.), in 1857 and L.R.C.P. (Edin.) in 1860. The title of M.D. was conferred upon him by the American College a few years later.

Hughes was a great writer and a scholar. He actively cooperated with Dr. T.F. Allen to compile his 'Encyclopedia' and rendered immeasurable aid to Dr. Dudgeon in translating Hahnemann's 'Materia Medica Pura' into English. In 1889 he was appointed an Editor of the 'British Homoeopathic Journal' and continued in that capacity until his demise. In 1876, Dr. Hughes was appointed as the Permanent Secretary of the Organization of the International Congress of Homoeopathy Physicians in Philadelphia. He also presided over the International Congress in London.