Colocynth homeopathy remedy keynote symptoms from the book 700 Red Line Symptoms by J.W. Hutchinson. Find out the keynote symptoms of homeopathy medicine Colocynth…

297. Severe colicky pains, mostly around the umbilicus has to bend double, worse in any other position, great restlessness and loud screaming on changing position, worse at intervals of 5 or 10 minutes, discharge of stool or flatulence affords temporary relief.

298. Colic so distressing that they seek relief by pressing corners of tables or heads of bedposts against the abdomen.

299. Dysentery-like diarrhoea, renewed each time after taking the least food or drink.

300. Urinates small quantities with frequent urging, fetid, think viscid jelly-like urine.

301. Intense boring or tensive pain in the ovary causing her to bend double with great restlessness.

J.W. Hutchinson
JOHN WESLEY HUTCHINSON, West Saginaw, Michigan, was born in Hibbert township, Perth county, Ontario, Canada, November 15, 1869, son of John and Matilda (Nesbitt) Hutchinson. He attended the district schools in his native county, and pursued a business course at
the People’s Institute in Chicago, Illinois, and a literary course under private tutors.
After reading medicine with Dr. Enos E. Kinsman of Saginaw, Michigan, he attended the Chicago Homoeopathic Medical College, from which he was graduated in 1897, and after receiving his degree he practiced in West Saginaw. He did post-graduate work in the Chicago Homeopathic Medical College.
He was a member and vice-president of the Saginaw Valley Homoeopathic Society, a member of the Homoeopathic Medical Society of the State of Michigan, the American Institute of Homoeopathy.